Taurus Millennium PT145 Pro Accuracy and Reliability Test

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by ORHunter79, Jan 7, 2012.

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    So I bought a Taurus PT145 Pro from a member here. At first it had a few issues, FTFs. I do think it was due to the fact it wasn't broken in and a limp wrist.

    Anyway, here is a review I did. Taurus Millennium PT145 Pro Accuracy and Reliability Test - YouTube

    I now have about 300 rounds through it and it seems to have smoothed out. I really like this compact 45 ACP that holds 10 rounds.

    Anyone else around these parts carry the PT145?
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    Ive had one before. Sold it and bought a XD 45 compact. I regretted selling it as the 4" compact XD didnt carry nearly as well for me ( And I had a VERY positive experience with it Never 1 FTF of any kind and I was really good with it). I JUST bought another PT145. Only a few rounds through it since I fopund a great deal on one. Takes a few hundred for them to smooth out, and they REALLY dont like super flat hollowpoints (Gold dots are a no go, they like corbon powerball and hornady critical defense though).

    Once ya get a little break in on em, IME theyre GREAT pistols that handle 45 VERY well especially considering their size

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    I did (I have three of them), one with a LaserLyte laser. Now carrying a Kahr P45 with CT laser.

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