Up for sale is my Taurus M650 CIA .357. Enclosed hammer that doesn't snag on anything if you need to yank it in a hurry.

This was supposed to be my wife's carry weapon, but she hasn't gotten her permit yet and we could use the $ in the meantime.

It's in great condition. Original box and extra speed loader included.

Only -SOLD SOLD SOLD. This is a great revolver.

I'm in Salem.

933c0297.jpg 7610e6a3.jpg bfe2f620.jpg
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I'm getting some replies and PM's, but they all involve a drive for me. Not that I mind that, but if anyone is up to meeting me in Salem (Keizer, really), it'll put you in the front running and I can meet you any time during the day!
Jerman - sorry about that, i was merely trying to state to the seller that I recognized that I didn't say 'I'll take it', and no hard feelings if he sold it to someone who did. Wasn't trying to be the arbiter of chronology.

Having said all that, I am still interested in the little pistol if it hasn't sold already.

- John
Sold! Thanks everyone. Hope I didn't cause any hard feelings for anyone, either directly or indirectly. I like a lot of places on this forum, and once of the things I've liked is that folks here are often cordial and friendly. Hope we can keep it that way!

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