Taurus 605 Range Report

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    Stopped on my way home after work this afternoon to try out the Taurus 605. I am impressed! Bouncing a can at 20+ yards was easy, and I was using some 'lite' .357 reloads (125 grain LC SWC with 8 grains of Unique) It bucked a little but not nearly as bad as I thought it would. I was shooting in a downpour so I only ran 20 rounds through it but I wanted to finish off the box! It is going to be just right with some .38 Special loads. I am sold on Taurus wheelguns anyway. My daughter saw it when she came home, picked it up and said it was 'cute' and looked like a ladies gun. No, she is not getting it!
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    Try 153 Grain loads, she'll kick like a mule. I was thinking about getting one of the 605's but I ended up with another S&W. I just can't seem to get away from the S&W line. Found a fairly new 642 Airweight the other night at a fair price but have yet to shoot it. The 605's trigger pull seemed a bit strong.

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