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Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by BeyondTheBox, Feb 4, 2012.

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    So I'm wanting one of those gong style hanging targets, but everything I find seems to be specified for rifles. Why couldnt I shoot a handgun at it though?

    The link below is for one of these that includes handguns in the description, but it says a minimum distance of 100 yrds. Who shoots a handgun at 100 yrds? They must be referring to rifle distance, right? Do you think I'd be fine using this thing with my pistols at a distance of 10+ yrds?

    Just seeking opinions. Thanks guys.

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    My buddy made one very similar and we shoot it with pistols. Because of shooting so close there are two things to watch out for:
    1. When the target becomes dimpled/crater weld them up. If the round hits a dimple/crater just right it can sling it back towards you.
    2. Shooting when the target is swinging back to you can cause the round to be batted back at you.

    If you ever get the chance to shoot speed steel you will see the targets are stationary and angled slightly downward. All the bullet splatter is sent down at the ground in front of the target.

    Or you can make your own. You have my permission to copy, it is not patented, yet.
    Have fun and stay safe.

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    You certainly can shoot it with your pistol without consequence. The 100 yard numbers are for shooting it with rifles. Depending on the manufacturer of the steel and how it's designed, 10 yards is far enough away for pistols. ALWAYS Wear safety glasses when shooting this stuff though.... i've had plenty of lead come back, even though it was small pieces.

    Check out MGM targets, Action Target, Law Enforcement Targets, Oregon Steel Targets, Trio Targets, etc. They all have many choices for this kind of thing.

    I've been thinking about the same kinda thing but for rifles primarily. One of these days I'll get serious about it!!
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    Considering the litigious times we live in, I'd guess the suggested shooting distance warning is for the manufacturers protection. We used to set up scenarios with pepper popper targets at considerably shorter distances and would use shotgun & pistols on them. We'd get the occasional ricochet back at us with the most serious being a cracked windshield. We ALWAYS wore appropriate eye protection.

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