Tango Down's new Polymer ARC Mag

I bought one of these from Palmetto state armory a few days ago. It fits in the magwell simular to the way the Lancer L5 or standard GI mag does with a slight amount of wobble but seems to be more rigid, less breakable in construction by sight. It loads/feeds really well, the follower is anti-tilt and slides really nice. The spring seems a bit stronger than the P-mag. Overall I still like my P-Mags better as they fit in the magwell really tight, no wobbles. Another new polymer mag came out by Tapco too, if it's as good as their AK mag that might also be one worth trying.

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"Tango Down ARC MagTango Down's ARC Mag takes full advantage of the latest polymers available from the aerospace industry- materials impervious to the effects of solvents & lubricants. After molding, they permanently bond the two sections together with advanced adhesives during manufacturing, so no disassembly is possible, or required. ARC Mag has a unique low-friction semi-floating follower that is slotted to allow for easy magazine cleaning. Just dunk the ARC Mag in hot soapy water, rinse and invert to drain. That's hassle-free maintenance. ARC Mag also features a premium Chromium-Silicon spring that is heat treated stress relieved and Moly coated that is tested to 100,000 cycles.

The patent pending two-piece modular construction allows Tango Down to create the ultimate magazine for many reasons. In addition to the proper magazine form, they were able to achieve maximum strength and integrity when the components are molded. Precision molding is achieved much easier on two small parts versus one large one. Modular construction makes perfect sense for the unprecedented strength- they eliminated the removable floor plate, so the magazine becomes a five-sided box. ARC Mag survives the impact that crushes metal magazines.

Tango Down's design team created a magazine that could be handled by the operator in any condition- note the aggressive ridges front and rear. They allow a positive purchase when seating the ARC Mag. The deep waffle pattern on the magazine's sides assist in rapid extraction from mag pouches. Every surface on the ARC Mag was given careful consideration to help out the operator."
Here's some info on the Tapco for any1 interested. Looks decent, I'm ordering one to compare with the rest. My experience with Tapco mags has been limited to the AK47 only but I can honestly say it is the best mag I have ever used with the AK. It fit so much more snug in the magwell than the rest, has anti-tilt follower, and the contruction of the mag was as good as it gets. Dent proof, rust proof, strong enough to run over with a truck and still function. Most people don't know that the polymer mags have greater resistance to abuse than the metal mags. Tapco makes some cheezdik parts but their mags aren't one of them.

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"Your semiautomatic firearm is only as reliable as the magazine feeding it. These new 30-round magazines are a component of the Tapco Intrafuse AR Rifle System, and they can be depended on everywhere from the local shooting range to deployment overseas. Aggressive horizontal ridges on these magazines let you get a sure hold for insertion or extraction even in wet and muddy conditions. Constructed of rugged, reinforced composite polymer material, you'll find them to be reliable in any environment. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Made in USA."
Since I mentioned the Lancer L5 I may as well link that up as well...

For me they have been awesome mags, I rate them just under the P-mag as far as the way it feeds,feels, fits in the magwell but may be better given that P-mags have been known to crack at the feed lip while these are reinforced with metal at the feed lip. I consider these the perfect metal mag replacement as they fit in mag holders the same way the GI mags do

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Translucent 30 Round Magazine

The L5 is a translucent 30 round magazine developed for the 5.56mm M16 M4 AR15 rifle. It has an impact resistant translucent polymer body, corrosion resistant steel feed lips and a removable, patent pending, rubber coated bottom. The L5 was designed to be used with the existing magazine pouches and carriers.


Made in the USA
Translucent polymer body that is impact resistant through a wide range of temperatures
Can be dropped onto the feed lips without damage
Withstands 5' drop,fully loaded onto concrete at -50F and +180F
Withstands 5' drop, fully loaded dropped with rifle
Body and component materials that are corrosion and chemical resistant
Steel feed lips with a corrosion resistant coating, permanently molded into the body.
Round Count Markers at 20 and 30 rounds
Body texture, contour and rubber coated bottom are designed to provide positive gripping and improve retrieval from magazine pouches.
Body design incorporates a constant radius geometry that facilitates follower/spring travel.
Same basic design envelop as the USGI aluminum magazine, can be used with existing pouches and carriers.
Easy to disassemble and maintain

Ability to visually inspect rounds:
&#8226; Reduces Pre & Post operation inspection time
&#8226; Increases overall operational tempo
&#8226; Increase safety for range operations
&#8226; Reduces maintenance time
Corrosion resistant
Permanent color retention
Can be stored loaded for extended periods of time with no lip creep
Designed to maximize grip for quick access and loading
Durable - impact, drop and crush resistant
&#8226; Steel feed lips provide consistent, positive feeding
&#8226; Body and follower engineered for maximum reliability
&#8226; The magazine's readiness can be determined visually
&#8226; Tested and proved with over 30,000 rounds

Magpul P-Mag

The best....

The PMAG&#8482; (Polymer MAGazine) is a lightweight 5.56 NATO, M-16 compatible magazine. It features a pop-off storage/dust cover that alleviates pressure from the magazine feed lips, allowing for long-term storage of loaded magazines without risk of feed lip creep that often causes malfunction in standard aluminum magazines. PMAG&#8482; utilizes a resilient stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance.

The MagLevel&#8482; PMAG&#8482; features transparent windows and a painted spring for quick determination of approximate round count.

&#8226; Constant-curve internal geometry for smooth feeding
&#8226; Anti-tilt follower for increased reliability
&#8226; Storage/dust cover
&#8226; Stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance
&#8226; Textured gripping surface
&#8226; Ambidextrous MagLevel round indicator windows
Thats a very odd code to use for rotating magazines... You must have worked for the NSA...:s0112:

Personally I think they are ugly but aesthetics is very subjective and has nothing to do with how it performs. My AR is more of a cold war commemorative so I'll stick with milspec. What is the follower made of? I would just wonder about plastic dragging on plastic and then add a bit of dirt and grime and it might slow things up enough to get a malfunction. Plus the magazine catch might wear down the plastic over time but that would be something you would probably see before it caused a malfunction.


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