Talon SSS, Iinternaly Suppressed No BATF paper work

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    It's sold gonna miss it !!!

    Airforce Talon SS with Condor Tank, Tri-rail, 3 barrels, newer Hill Pump Scuba tank, and K valve with Airforce adapter (Tell your wife it's a BB gun)
    Walther Barrels are easy to get .17 to .50 cal adjustable power in full tune
    Upto 2500fps when modded a little more than mine
    Here is a .308 Talon
    Home Made Arigun in .308 cal
    Here is mine with the 12" .22 (click the picture)

    Can be dialed down to daisy level or up .22 Long Rifle or .45 long Colt

    Sounds like a Hand powered staple gun As loud as a regular gun without (hot gas going supersonic is the same caused by powder or rapid release)

    1 a .22 12”
    2 a .22 18.5”
    3 a .117 Heavy Barrel 16”
    I think the 12” is stock The other 2 I don’t know who built them they shoot great don’t look stock
    The scuba tank is 88cf
    The air gun tank was sold as being a Condor Tank I don’t know how to tell but it shoots faster than my stock Talon
    The hammer and spring might not be stock I can’t find the build sheet from when I bought it
    Nice o-ring and shroud Xrta barrel collars and Hammer damper SN BS 021xx
    DSCN1181.jpg 750.00

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