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Talk is Cheap...

Discussion in 'Archived - Oregon Firearms Academy' started by OFADAN, Oct 24, 2014.


    OFADAN Brownsville, OR Well-Known Member

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    You've heard the saying before...there are a lot of people who post on this forum especially after a given situation has happened..."oh, I wouldn't have done that, I'd do this...or I've been shooting my entire life so I'd do this or that..." RIGHT! You will do in a situation not what you think but what you've trained yourself to do. And if you haven't trained then generally chaos, confusion, and "dithering" kicks in! Oh, and when I say train I'm not referring to going with a buddy to a rock pit or forest road somewhere and shooting static paper targets or tin cans. I'm talking about having competent professional instruction by individuals who are not afraid to (in a polite and professional manner) tell you when you're not magnificent and need to correct something!

    Well now is the time to "test your mettle!" On Sunday, Nov 2nd we're offering the last Defensive Handgun 2 course for 2014. In this course you'll be able to enter the Adjudicator and find out first hand "what you'll do or not do" in a real-as-it-gets scenario based simulated situation against real human actors! The actors in the Adjudicator are trained to respond according to your defensive strategy and tactics based upon what you do, say, or how you behave - logical or illogical.

    Please visit our website to learn more about OFA, the Adjudicator and our 18 years history of delivering effective defensive small arms training to the US. www.oregonfirearmsacademy.com or email is info@oregonfirearmsacademy.com - 541-451-5532

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  2. BroncoFan

    BroncoFan Eastern Oregon Active Member

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    But, but, I've BAGMWL!!!

    Amen brother Dano. Speak it! :)