Take two parking spaces get what’s coming to ya...........

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World’s Most Selfish Parker Gets What’s Coming to Him
No one — and we mean NO ONE — likes people who feel it’s they’re entitled to take up two parking spots. It’s like they’re telling the world, “My car cannot possibly adhere to the same rules as you because it’s really nice and therefore I’m much more important.”
Well, a driver on Reddit who clearly speaks for the rest of humanity did something about it when he spotted a Corvette taking up two spots in the parking lot of a New Jersey restaurant.

We salute the Jeep driver for doing something we’ve always wanted to do — heck, something everyone
always wanted to do — but don’t have the nerve to do. Like the man who anonymously feeds parking meters, you’re an anonymous hero.

Take a look at the Corvette driver heading back to his car and seeing what awaited him.

One of the nicest guys I know owns 4 Corvettes. I can guarantee if he saw a vette parked like that while he was in his farm truck he would probably do something similar to the jeep. At the very least he would find the guy and tell him to quit being a jackwagon and making them all look like douchwaffles
Just a comment from a driver of a Corvette, I have never parked taking more than my space. And I haven't seen any of the Corvette drivers that I know do this as we all think it is rude. So just because one guy does this, don't lump us all into the same generalization.
I.......didn't notice that anyone had.

You know I don't have a problem with a guy taking two spots for a nice car. Just do it across the lot! That would have prevented the situation above too!
It's not uncommon that I'll park my hot rod out in the "back 40" for the same reason this jackwagon parked his Vette in 2 spaces. I'm not keen on the idea of a shopping cart or car door whacking my car. But I do take issue with people taking two spaces where parking is "valuable". It's just rude.
I like the thought of the Jeep owner, but I agree he should have parked closer and made the Vette owner crawl in thru the passenger door. :D
I used to park way out back when I first got my Vette. But I noted that almost every time I did this when no other cars were around an odd thing happened. When I would return later there was always some car or truck parked within a foot of my drivers door.........but still with no other cars around. So I stopped doing that and I just park where I would park in any car. A Vette is just a car, one I waited about 50 years to get, but still just a car.
Just a comment from a driver of a Corvette, I have never parked taking more than my space. And I haven't seen any of the Corvette drivers that I know do this as we all think it is rude. So just because one guy does this, don't lump us all into the same generalization.
JP, I know guys like you, several of them, but for each one of you there is a handful of the guys like the one in the video. It's not a phenomenon that's only associated with Corvette owners, but many brands of "exotic" car owners do the same thing. I have an old Mustang, same thing. Many owners are Jackwads treating the world like it's theirs.

Guilt by association. You're screwed. :)


I bought my wife a mint, and I mean mint 1997 Acura 3.5RL gold edition model with only 14,000 miles on it from the little ol' lady next door.
I paid $12,000 cash for a car that was over $52,000 in 97 era dollars.
I make my wife park as far from any other car in parking lots.
The problem is that when she treks out to the end of the lot, there is always a couple of beaters parked right next to her.
It's like it's a magnet and for the life of me, I don't understand why anyone would park as far out as she does when they own a junker.
I drive a long wheel based truck and take up a few places some times because if I park perfect and 2 cars park close,I may not be able to get in my truck or get out of said parking place.
So say what you will,but please don't be stupid enough to block my egress.
You won't like the outcome.hehehe
I do park away from others and not by the door very often.And I don't drive a vet cause I have plenty of self esteem.Or any fancy car for that matter,cause douche bags with stupid old jeeps think they are the parking police.They are as stupid as the bad park job.
Get a life and go park your car without F#*king with other people
Kinda like mind you own business and walk a little farther.Jeep guy was probably some fat bastard that couldn't walk very far to get more cheese burgers
So to counter mj I suggest the following:
If you block HIS egress use your cell phone to get pictures of his rig and license plate and the condition of your own car. Then if he chooses to damage it in any way you have the evidence to sue his socks off . . .

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