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    I have noticed that people are using this spot for shooting. First of all I need to mention that I am all for finding new and safe places to shoot. That said this has bothered me enough to post just in case anyone here is using this spot. Down range (before the tree line) are dirt bike and hiking trails as well as occasional logging activity. Also just beyond the tree line are private residences. I personally would not consider this a "safe" place to shoot because of those reasons. I drive by this location everyday for work and have been noticing more and more activity. Once I saw the targets go up in the trees I got a little more concerned. Please just be aware of where the rounds that miss the trees might go. I know to many of you here don't need to be told this but it appears that some folks in my neck of the woods do. Make sure you have a solid backdrop! Be safe and enjoy the sport! Thanks everyone!!!


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