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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by RicInOR, Nov 5, 2013.

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    Anyone else seen this TV Show - on the Sportsman Channel (not Outdoor)

    I got this on my DVR and watched it last night.

    The show was in Russia going thru Tactical training with some "FSB".

    Looked like a couple of dip-sh!ts in the deep woods to me.

    They shot each other - wearing body armor - so you would know what that might be like to be hit.
    They shot just past each other heads - so you get used to the idea of head shots
    While shooting live fire, others were pushing / firing weapons again so you would get the idea of the chaos.
    I counted at least 2 negligent discharges - gun was pointing at ground - I doubt the
    dirt did something to deserve to be shot.
    They said live fire - FMJ not simunition.


    I am sure this is what the progressives think lawful gun owners do all the time.

    The Sportsman Channel | TAC TV
    "Larry also gets some range time at Dynamo with one of Russia’s National IPSC champions and learns some confidence drills from Russian Special Forces members that are just hard to believe! "
    No - Bizzaro!

    TAC TV Home
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    Russians have hideously high rates of death from suicide, homicide, alcohol poisoning, car crashes, drug overdoses, you name it.
    With an average male life expectancy of 63 years, Russian men live as long on average as men from Yemen or Myanmar. Not exactly developed-world status.

    What do you want to bet those FSB guys were half in the bag during their "training?"
  3. luke23

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    That life expectancy is actually down since the USSR. Apparently the freedom to choose meth and alcoholism isn't all its cracked up to be.

    Russian culture is actually quite interesting though. Their doctrine is influenced by a very collective nature. A few casualties are expected, particularly by the FSB. For those not familiar with the Russian alphabet soup, FSB is non-military. Kind of like our CIA. The actual Spetnaz guys have some less bizarrely suicidal training.

    And of course, let's keep in mind that famously security-based organizations aren't going to let anything on camera that could compromise them.
  4. jordanvraptor

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    In Russia, guns shoot you... :)
  5. raftman

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    Considering that particular country arose from utter collapse (and indeed civil war) barely more than 20 years ago, those critiques are, to be as mild as humanly possible, a bit on the foolish side. Especially considering there's been significant, continuing improvement in just about all of the areas you've mentioned.

    Suicide? Down by 50% from 1990's ( Russia's Suicide Rate Continues To Decrease - Forbes)
    Homicide? Down to about 1/3 of what it was in 1994
    Alcohol consumption? Also down significantly
    (Alcohol consumption in Russian cities decreasing | Russia Beyond The Headlines)

    Takes time, but they're getting their act together.
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    Hey, I watched some TV hunter and his, wife or girl friend or whatever on one of the channels the other night, they were bear hunting and at one point in the show they decided to feed the bears by hand at one of the stands they were hunting, like in the old Yellowstone videos. I don't know who they were, or what channel as I was at a friends house and we were kind of in and out, but I couldn't believe that they had put that on tv, so it just goes to show that we have'em here too. (Black bear). AMAZING !!!
  7. clambo

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    For a demonstration of current Russian hand to hand combat techniques just visit the Goodwill Outlet Store on NE 117th in Vancouver aka " The Stab And Grab ". If the store is too crowded just yell, " Meth 50% off in the parking lot! " Thatll usually get you some elbow room inside the store. A world class training facility teaching gun retention skills.
  8. 4Freedom

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    As sad as it sounds, Russia is becoming a more "True" Capitalist country than the U.S.S.A. Putin figured out that Communism doesn't work, sadly Obama Hussein and his Politburo haven't understood the consequences as of yet..
  9. Gaucho Gringo

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    Russian's are fatalists. In WWI half the soldiers sent into battle had no weapons, they had to wait until some other soldier was wounded or killed to get a rifle. In the meantime standing there with Germans shooting at you. WWII was a little better, at least most had a rifle. but you were led by the most incompetent idiots who were scared s***less of Stalin because he had purged the military of any competent officer because he was paranoid and at the rear was the dreaded secret police who didn't hesitate to shoot you if you showed any hesitation in going any direction but forward. It got the job done I guess but I wouldn't have wanted to be there. I sometimes look at my Mosin rifles and wonder what the poor guys who carried them went through. Things as described in the previous posts don't surprise me in the least.

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