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    I have a black, Tactical Tailor MAV w/ shoulder harness that I would like to sell......
    I bought this setup used, from nanodeutsch,and never used it myself. However, it looks like it has been worn, but not really used.
    In the end, I found that I was trying to adjust it to be a chest rig, so I bought a chest rig, and like it more. In the picture it is adjusted about as small as it will go.
    It is slightly different than the MAV that I see on their website. It is rigid, with some kind of stiffener in it. No internal pockets. Also, it has two sides, and a back panel, instead of just two sides
    At any rate, I would like to keep the brown mag pouches, so they would not be included. I am thinking that $55 shipped would be a fair price? Postal MO. Thanks for the consideration...


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