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    When: Sat, February 28, 9:30am – 5:30pm
    WhereEmerald Empire Gun Club 36111 Mcgowen Creek Rd.

    Tactical Shotgun 1 Course Fee - $150
    P IMG_6531.JPG IMG_6660.JPG lease visit the Tactical Shotgun tab on our website or feel free to contact us directly with any other questions. Rental weapons are available with advance notice.

    Required Gear-
    Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Shotgun (12GA or 20GA), Sling, Ammo Holder or Mounted Side Saddle, 25 Rounds of 00 Buck, 25 Rounds of Slug, 25 Rounds 7/1/4 Bird Shot, Duty Rated Handgun, Holster, 2 Magazines, Magazine Pouch, 50 Rounds of Pistol Ammo

    This class is good for both entry level shooters and seasoned professionals. Our main focus is to train individuals on the capabilities of tactical shotguns allowing students to maximize the shotguns’ full potential. The Tactical Shotgun Course addresses different types of popular shotguns by make, model, and design. We cover different types of sight systems, side saddles, slings, and lights, which are currently on the market.

    We have students perform movement drills and weapons transition drills. This course ends with multi-target acquisition and longer range shooting. The Tactical Shotgun Course is available several times a year. For private groups we can offer this course as requested.

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