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    NEW ITEM, Shoulder Holster for Snub Nose Pistols, has pouch for 2 speed loaders. $15.00
    Survivor M-9 Bayonets; $45.00
    Tactical Vests in Black, Woodland Camo, od green, tan, Right handed , 45.00.
    Shoulder Holsters in ACU Camo, Woodland Digital, O. D. Green, Tan, black. $15.00
    Molle Holsters in Woodland digital, Woodland Camo $15.00,
    Large assortment of Left handed holsters
    Tactical Drop Leg Holsters Woodland Digital, Black, Tan, Woodland Camo, OD Green $19.00
    Single point slings $15.00
    2 Point Slings $7.00
    Paracord 50' $5.00 & 100' $9.00 (od, camo, or black) West
    The holsters will fit most mid to large auto's.
    Shotgun Scabbards $20.00.
    Rothco Medium Back Packs, $50.00, Large packs was $75.00, now $65.00 And Rothco Bug Out Bag. was $85.00 now $75.00
    Paracord 50' $5.00 100' $9.00, and Paracord Bracelets, $4.00, Eating Tool,$5.00,

    Lots of Spring Knives & Fixed Blades.

    Thanks for looking. 503-367-0030.
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