Tactical carbine course

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    When: Sat, March 7, 9:30am – 5:30pm
    Where: Emerald Empire Gun Club 36111 Mcgowen Creek RD

    The Tactical Carbine Course is an entry level class teaching current tactics for urban environments. The class is designed for everyone whether you are a first time carbine shooter, a veteran carbine shooter wanting to refresh user skills, or just a weapons enthusiast. This course starts out with a lecture breaking down the different types of carbines. We teach students how to accessorize carbines for the environments in which they will be used in. We cover types of gear the student should consider and types of gear which needs to be avoided. The live fire portion begins with fundamentals of shooting accurately. These include stance, grip, sighting, breathing, trigger manipulation, and follow-through. We then work into loading, reloading, and weapons malfunction drills. Students then perform a standardized battle zero to ensure the firearm is shooting accurately. Then various stance, movement, weapons transitions, and multi-target acquisition drills are taught. This course is not designed specifically for only the AR-15 platform. It allows individuals to operate a multitude of different carbine platforms.

    Required Gear: Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Carbine, 2+ Carbine Magazines, Magazine Pouch (Chest rigs are ok), Sling, 250 Rounds of Carbine Ammunition, Handgun, Holster, 2 handgun magazines, 50 rounds of handgun ammunition. With advanced notice, rental weapons and gear are available for an extra $15.

    Defensive Firearms Instruction has a staff of instructors that are all combat VET's that have seen combat in multiple countries around the world, If you are wanting to get high quality training go to www.defensivefirearmsinstruction.org and sign up for a course.
    Call: Donovan Beard

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