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tactical airgun idea and questions.

Discussion in 'Air Rifle & Pistol Discussion' started by bunkerguy, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. bunkerguy

    bunkerguy vegas Member

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    I take it the NFA cant touch them?

    so if you wanted to make a full auto, suppressed air gun it would be legal to do so?

    Do any one make a full auto suppressed air gun that can take a man from say 500 yards out?

    would you ever use a really high powered air gun for self defense?

    any mechanical reason why no one has done this?
  2. lola85

    lola85 Portland Member

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  3. Nwcid

    Nwcid Yakima and N of Spokane Well-Known Member

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    If you expect this to be portable what do you plan on using to power this? It takes a lot of energy to move a projectile out to 500 yards, then to do it "full auto" makes it even harder.
  4. hawmanai

    hawmanai SW OR Member

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  5. bikejunkie

    bikejunkie Salem Well-Known Member

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    I like my Gamo single shot air rifle quite a lot- realistically though its not good for anything bigger than a pigeon or a target beyond 50yds or so...Less than that and it'll drop birds and rats dead.
  6. Mark W.

    Mark W. Silverton, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    The answer to your question is NO.

    There are air rifles that could kill a man at 100 yards but thats about it. And certainly not full auto.

    Gamo makes some .45 cal air rifles that have the power to kill a wild pig and short ranges

    And of course there are quite a few Air rifles that get above 1200fps with shaped pellets but nothing over 30 grains. So your looking at about the power of a std velocity .22LR with a slug from a Long or a short. Which yes can kill a man at 100 yards. But you better be a good shot.
  7. mkwerx

    mkwerx Forest Grove, OR Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    When I read this, I began picturing a mini gun, powered by a converted propane truck with a diesel powered compressor to keep up with the demand for the high fire rate and air needed to launch a good size projectile at the necessary velocity. Suppressing it would be a PITA, I'm guessing. Then again, the diesel generator would probably drown out the shot noise... :)
  8. theduke

    theduke NW Member

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    Take a look at these units... SMG 22 | Air Ordnance

    listing #9 in non NFA... Non NFA Firearms Ads
  9. adidasguy

    adidasguy West Seattle New Member

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    I don't think you can make it fully automatic.
    There used to be fully automatic ones by Evonix. If you read any ads now, they state that as of January 4, 2013 they could only be semi-automatiic. I still have no idea what law was passed that forced that change.

    Anyway, unless you have lots of rounds in a magazine, fully automatic wouldn't go long. As a semi-automatic, you can fire the Evonix rifles pretty fast. 11 rounds per magazine.

    If anyone knows what law happened Jan. 4, I'd love to know. I was hoping to get the fully automatic Evonix Conquest.