Tac Mini-14 and Leupold Scope 3/30 Rnd 1/20

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    I have a New Mini-14 Tac and. Leupold VX-1 2x7x33mm Everythings new
    I'm looking for a HK Tactical Threaded barrel if it has some extras I can toss in
    Acouple hundred Factory Rounds .. Rifle and Scope are less the 2 months old
    I'm might be interested in The Sprinfield Comp 5.25 XD , I have all other XDs so thats the
    Only one I would be interested in .. I would have no clue how to put pictures up but
    Its brand new .... Thanks Gents .
    I'm located in Snohomish Wa, and had my knee worked on and can't drive far right
    Now just to let guys know ....

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