Tac Con trigger system

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Addicted, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Anyone try one yet? Pro/cons.....looking for some input before I spend that kind of money!

    Responses appreciated!!
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    if it were me.. I would go with these guys instead..
    Come to find out later on, Tac-Con put lighter springs in their trigger when they went to shot show awhile back to create hype about the trigger and make it easier to shoot. some people can learn how to shoot it well.. Others.. well its a fancy standard trigger.. the Franklin armory trigger on the other hand.. doesn't take much at all to learn and anyone can shoot it.. the only thing you have to worry about it out shooting the bolt..

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    I had not seen this thread till now sorry for the late response.
    I have now six Tac-Con triggers, two are just enhanced MSR triggers, I like them. Then two are the 3MR triggers, one I just bought last month and have not installed in anything yet. The other I bought when they first came out. It has safe mode, fire mode, and fire with automatic reset mode. I like the auto reset feature, I was a little clumsy with it for a magazine or two, but it came pretty easy to me. I then bought two '241' triggers which are different, they have the safe mode, Fire with automatic reset mode, and the last mode is a two stage precision trigger. I like it too, for one thing I like the auto reset as the first action mode, because it is more logical to me and I am a two stage fan for precision shooting. The two stage portion is very good but takes more pull than I expected. It is crisp and consistent. I should mention that the 3 MR's fire mode is just a nice single stage trigger.

    I am not a fan of firing on trigger release, the fact that you can just put the safety on and then release the trigger without firing gives me negative vibes, but you might be cool with it.

    I'll buy anything once, but it has to work for me to repeat,

    Of all the Tac-Con models I prefer the '241'.

    Slide fire is out for me, I want to aim my shots.

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