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shelby, the .223 can looks like a good buy, but the 22 rimfire may eventually be an issue if you cant take it apart to clean. Ask the maker if they can make it to be user friendly and able to take the baffles out to clean them. The 22 rimfire is a filthy cartridge and a sealed can has a limited life and will get louder after a few thousand shots. When I bought my first can (Gemtech Outback) I tossed it in the oven or a torch works, to kill off the red locktited threads so I can now take it apart to clean. Eventually a sealed can will fill up with lead, carbon and unburned powder. Theres many 22 cans on the market now that are take down friendly.:) enjoy and congrats!


congrats on the cans! Let us know when your paperwork gets in. Is the weight on the 5.56 can correct on their website? It seems heavy for a 5.56 can--but if its right, its prolly gonna last forever.
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