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Swedish Model 1894 Carbine 6.5x55

Introduced in 1895 as the m/1894 carbine, the first 15,000 were made by Mauser Oberndorf. Later production started at Carl Gustafs stads Gevarsfaktori in 1898 and ended, for the most part, in 1918 with a very few made to 1932. This one below was made in 1915 and is of the m/94-14 variant with the bayonet nosepiece attachment. The first m/94 carbines had no bayonet attachment.

This one is mine. It has a unit disc indicating issue to the KI which is the 1st Kavalry Regiment also known as the Liv Guard. The Swedish Royal palace guards. Without blinking this carbine would bring $1,000+ to Swede collectors. It is illustrated in the book, "Crown Jewels, the Mauser in Sweden" by Dana Jones (I was a contributor).... and I also got this carbine from the author of Crown Jewels. We did a little horse trading :p.



You will notice these carbines are locked & loaded. Cocked with the safety on. They carry live ammunition. They are not for show only. The KI is the only unit in the Swedish military still using the 1894 Mauser carbine.... 113 years of active duty.


This is the 1914 cavalry bayonet - new-in-grease, unissued. One of the lessor known secrets of Swedish Mauser collectors is this model bayonet was later adapted for use on the Kpist m/45 Carl Gustaf submachinegun. This is why we can find "as-new" examples such as this.

You can see a picture of the Kpist m/45 with the Mauser bayonet at this most excellent Swedish collector's website, the Gothis Arms Historical Society:

Hi I am new to this. My name is venision jim on this site.
I searched for a photo of a 1894 Swedish Calvary Carbine, and that is how found this site. I am a mature (aged) adult and collect the oldball, unusual. New for the most part does not ring my bell too much. Anyway - Have an abosdlutely 100% (not exageration)
mint 1894 Swedish Calvary Carbine. Even the most minute part has the last three digits of the SN on them. The SN = 1080XX. I would appreciate any one who might want to comment, or otherwise on theis unit. The disc is a KI as well. The laminated yellow bullet trajectory chart is still there at almost 100%. Anyway, you can read all the traj. adj. on the chart. I llok forward to hearing from anyone on this item, or other items such as a S&W Perf. Center 945 3.5" or an all steel S&W Model 39.
venison jim :s0155:
NRA Life member
G.O.A.L. Life Member - MA


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