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    Hasn't even been in the sheath, still new in box, all markings intact. Last one I was watching went on ebay for $212 plus shipping, so I'd like to get around there in trade value for it. Will consider selling, eventually, if trade offers don't work out.


    Looking to trade, + cash, for:

    Short barreled S&W or Ruger SP101 .357 or .22LR, Ruger SA revolvers (.44 or .357 only, and nothing with a Dragoon trigger guard), Ruger Bearcat or Super Bearcat. Compact .45ACP. DA Smith/Ruger .44Mag w/4 to 6 inch bbl. Kahr PM9. Might be up for a double barrel shotgun...

    Always open to offers, and not going to slam anybody for makin' 'em - the worst you get is a "no thanks." :bluelaugh:
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