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As a reminder....
As per forum rules....
Political content / comments must be directly 2nd Amendment / firearm related.

Also something to consider...
You don't have to reply to a post or comment...especially if you know it ain't going to do anything worthwhile or constructive.
Having the "last word" or making a snarky comeback...just leads to a never ending useless back and forth...which will lead to a thread being closed.
As they say in real estate :
"Location , location , location"....matters as well as luck in regards to survival.

Where you are....what your mindset is , matters... maybe even more than what you have on you...what your plans are or how you have prepared.
Since the world and just about everyone in it , really don't care for your plans , preps or what not.
The world and everyone else plays by their rules , and those rules may not be for your survival.

While in combat I have seen the best trained and very well prepared men fall to accidents or be killed or wounded by those who would be considered as less trained , equipped or prepared.

You can What if...or What about , yourself to death here....
Do what you need to do , in order to survive ...all with no regrets.
Civil unrest is likely. Civil War is not. Civil War needs at least a couple of unified and organized parties willing to kill each other. I don't see it happening in the U.S.A

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