Survival Property, slash pricing, $5k OBO

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  1. dobanion

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    Got this years ago for camping/hunting. Could be SHTF property, with some work. Paid over $12k for it in 2001.

    3.5 acres.

    Use google maps, and punch in these coordinates: 42.540104,-121.486962

    That's the dead center of the lot. Use MAP view, and zoom in enough, and it will show you the borders of the property. The green arrow should be in the center of a box, thats the lot.

    Any 4x4 can get to the lot. Not bad, not rock crawling, just dirt roads with some rocks in it. Some houses out there, couple neighbors a few hundred yards this way or that. Water is well, catchment, or delivered. Electricity is solar or wind, or both. 300 days of sun, and pretty steady breezes. Lots of mule deer around during the season. Thousands of acres of Winema National Forest just to the north.

    $5k and it's sold. Or just throw me out some offers. I'm trying to put together every last cent for something right now.....

    No pictures of the lot itself, haven't been there in years. But, someone posted on google maps two shots which are posted as being right on the road just to the south of the lot, and I can confirm they are.,0,,0,0&photoid=po-37750034&z=17,0,,0,0&photoid=po-37750034&z=17
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    My Wife said to accept your offer to sell for $4,000. Ready to get you paid. Let's do it. Please let me know.

    Don 719-465-6723 or
  3. bush pilot

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    I'm also interested !!!
    Pictures will be NICE
    Pm me - let's talk.

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