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Survival cards

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by Silver Fox, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Silver Fox

    Silver Fox Puyallup, WA Well-Known Member

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    I have had for many years, these "survival cards". They have a lot of information about shelter, water, food (both edible plants, hunting and traping meat and the preparation of), first aid, signaling and various misc. information. They are laminated dual sided pages that have a broken english writing pattern. Excess words are removed and as you are reading to yourself you will have to fill them in (example: the, to, a etc...). They are intended to help you remember what you are supposed to do and what you should have already learned but may have forgotten due to stress of your situation, hunger, lack of sleep etc...

    The only contact information on the card is the following: Reorder from: Survival cards, Box 805, Blommington, Ind. 47401 USA

    These cards were printed in 1976 and are Copyrighted by Lee Nading (hence the state of Indiana abbreviation "Ind." in the address)

    If anybody has any information on these cards please post and assist others with obtaining their own. These are very useful and will take up next to no room in an essential survival kit.

  2. Iansstud

    Iansstud SW WA / PDX Member

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  3. MilitaryMan84

    MilitaryMan84 Mcminnvile, Oregon Member

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    Those are pretty cool, would be great to get a box of those for Boy scouts and such.
  4. darkminstrel

    darkminstrel PDX Well-Known Member

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    Whoah...I've been developing my own set of these, but a larger format. I'd get a set just to see what they've got on them.