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"...but only 18% of gun owners reported being likely to purchase a personalized gun for themselves when considering the additional costs ... Respondents were asked questions about availability, how likely they would be to purchase a personalized gun when the cost increased by $300, and concerns about the technology."

Makes me wonder about the 18% likely to buy a smart gun for $300 extra with a higher probability of failure. When 80%+ of police departments adopt them, maybe I'll think about it.


A new study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that almost four out of five current gun owners support the sale of...

Not that I believe the study, and I don't, how would this reduce any point they measure for public safety? People who purchase these guns could still commit suicide since they would be the owner. Criminals still have access to millions of old illegal guns that go bang. Nice people in a fit of rage could still use the electronic super safety gun they own to act out in their anger.

Unless a study is done exploring Gun Free Zones. Armed citizens ability to defend themselves and keeping dangerous people in jail they can sell their garbage to the sheep all day long. I'm no buying it.
WhoTF was the survey sample for this piece of fiction?

actual study:

Surveys were from Join KnowledgePanel® who pay people to answer surveys. Obviously they all have accounts and so could theoretically select people to send the survey to based on how they responded before. There is no disclosure on why people were selected for this survey.

Survey questions were developed from supposed gun owners who were found at gun shows who agreed to be a focus group for $50

They selected gun owners by asking them if they owned guns at the beginning of the survey. no other confirmation.

the "most gun owners support the sale" quote comes from the result of the question "79% thought licensed dealers should sell both traditional and personalized guns"

If I was taking the survey I'd take that question as "gun shops should be allowed to sell them" rather than "I think they should be for sale." We should not restrict what gun shops should sell as much as I might hate a product that they are selling.

I'd consider the result of the survey as "most gun owners dont want a smart gun" and would use that as a headline unless I was trying to get my article a few more hits for being controversial


I don't care if they sell them, I don't care if other gun owners would buy them. I would never buy one because technology can and does fail. Granted mechanical systems can also fail but you are only increasing your odds by adding an electronic system on top of the mechanical system. My main concern would be any government mandate that requires all new firearms to have an electronic safety system.
The same place they did a study and found that most gun free zones are where shootings happen.

Just kidding... since when would they ever print the truth.

I have seen many test result show this technology failing and could get you killed.
RING: A new way to catch a thief at your door, promoted by LE's and seen all over, fails
over and over to notify people in time. A few times it failed and people broke in why they were home and no alert from the RING technology. If Fools can't get a push button on door to record using technology thats over 30 years old. Yes, lets all trust the release of projectiles with Tech.
I'm not "against" it, I believe in the free enterprise system if there is a market for it then it will sell, if not it won't, its that simple. Products, prices, and services should be determined by the market, not the government. It's capitalism, not communism. I would never buy one for myself but there is a lot stuff in the gun world that falls in that category.


I do believe that people should be able to buy smart guns. As long as states can’t require smart guns

I have an expensive iPhone that has more brains than any gun will ever have. But I wash my hands, I can’t get my phone to work on my fingerprint. One little spot of dirt, my fingerprint isn’t read. Is the best technology on the planet, can’t do it, no $300 out onto a gun will
I have a feeling that if Smartguns are offered. Some day they could become mandatory.
Helmets, Youth and Adults.
As a small example of items made before they a were mandatory.
I get the right of capitalism, I really do. I make a living because of it.
But... when we create items that compliment, or have the ability to tear down a Constitutional right.
I have a major problem with this it and this smartgun idea.
Inventions can become our hangmans noose, and if we are wise, we will notice the ability for others to manipulate before, not after restrictions are on the books.
I NEVER ever met one gun person who supported or really WANTED to buy a so called smart gun!

I do not support smart guns because I think of them as DUMB GUNS and failing you when you NEED THEM TO WORK PROPERLY.

I would NEVER ever buy a so called dumb gun aka a smart gun.

They remind me of COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS coming out of a SOCIALIST LOVING man's or woman's MOUTH who remains CLUELESS in the RKBA issue.

They remind me of many Ds and Rs when it comes to gun laws, gun bans, gun part bans, etc.

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