SUPS Western Shotgun Championship

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    SUPS Western Shotgun Championship


    The shotgun is the most versatile firearm made today and has been for centuries.

    The SUPS Western Shotgun Championship is going to be a celebration of the shotgun’s history and modern applications in sports shooting, hunting, personal protection and tactical use.

    Every facet of practical and tactical shotgun shooting will be tested, from tough flying clay shooting to long slug shots and tight buckshot targets.

    This match will truly be a festival of the scattergun!

    The match is held in St George, UT at the SUPS range. We have hosted and designed many huge events, including Hard as Hell multigun, 3 gun nation western regionals, USPSA nationals, and more! Only a two hour drive from Las Vegas.

    Learn all about it at the match website

    Visit the match facebook page

    Tactical Performance Center is offering a two day Competition Shotgun Class immediately before the match (April 28-29). Come out a few days early, train with professional shooters like Brian Nelson and get your shotgun game tuned to the max! The class is a great deal, and space is limited. Sign up today!

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