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Suppressors being taken off NFA list? Any truth to this?

Many put up bills to feather their caps knowing they will be D.O.A.
Remember, it's good intentions, not results.
Still, this squeaky wheel will join the chorus with fingers crossed.
My two wicked witches of the North are so brain dead that they march lockstep with the Muslim in chief!!!

They did not even reply to my email and it was a well written pose that didn't attack them like normal compilation.....
I hear you loud and clear Mr. Man of the cave, I too get about a 1% response to my entreaties. Usually from the flunky in charge. But because I formally Bit ch, I feel I have the right to Bit ch!
I think it costs them more than 200.00 to do the paperwork and background check. .
For private business that may warrant evaluation however we are talking government here where spending a dollar to save a dime reigns, and where positive outcomes and profitable payback do not enter into the equations.



So just reading through the comments. It's STAGGERING how many liberals on here don't even understand BASIC legal principles. at least 40 people on there don't understand the difference between "illegal" and "regulated," even after it is pointed out.

Furthermore, some of them are literally citing "hitmen" and "assassins" as a credible source of knowledge on suppressors.

What's funny is no one on either side actually knows why suppressors were added to the NFA list (poaching during the depression).

I mean, if you disagree with a topic from an educated position, that's one thing, you have the data you just disagree, okay. However, when you don't even know what the bubblegum you are talking about or you use a movie as a source, good christ...



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