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    Can't believe how easy it was to sign up at Smile Amazon. They chunk a bit of change into the OFEF cash box everytime I buy something on Amazon. I'd like to thank the folks who discussed it here on NWFA. The hardest part was deleting the bookmark for Amazon and replacing it with Smile.Amazon. No money gets donated to the Firearm Association if you buy the identical thing at an identical cost off regular Amazon. You only have to go in once after you sign up and select Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation as a recipient (just copy/paste in the search and it comes right up) , then it's all autopilot.

    I still need to sign up at Fred Meyer for their card and log on to direct a donation to any other firearm association they allow, but I'll get to that as well. Thank you folks again for the suggestion, I buy a lot of crap off Amazon (if that translated the 4 letter word starting with Cra ending in p into the word Bubblegum, well, I never buy bubblegum, one of the reasons I dislike posting on NWFA, but this is too good of an idea not to share)

    Link to the version of Amazon where you can direct a donation to Oregon Firearms evertime you purchase anything -

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