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    As I look around this forum I see lots of support for gun owners. But the site itself is only the beginning stage of support. It's more than just typing words on this forum. It's about actually getting involve and being a physical contribution to that support. It's about sharing your knowledge and experience, one-on-one with others, about guns. Being a part of the fight against SB941. Arranging to meet with someone for a hunting trip. Hook up to go fishing or target shooting. Joining in our efforts to curb trash in the woods and spreading the message of rules, ethics & tips.

    It's at special events and get togethers where we meet and make new friends, share comradery, and build a stronger foundation to the mission of NWFA.

    NWFA exists to Support Gun Owners of the Pacific Northwest. Consider two of the three goals of our mission statement;

    Organization - Provide resources for firearm owners to organize themselves in support of the 2nd Amendment.

    Advocacy - Educate the public on safe firearm use and ownership, while promoting land stewardship, shooting sports, hunting, and self defense.

    From my perspective, as Volunteer Coordinator, it is at clean up events, as well as the NWFA Target Shooter Information Program, where we walk the talk, strengthen our stance, support gun owners of the Pacific Northwest and help to further the goals of our mission statement. It's where we put those printed words into action.

    We hope to bring you more opportunities to get together and meet face to face. This summer we'd like to have a barbeque get together or just simply meet to share a pizza and a beer. We'll do a few more clean up projects. And, the Information Booth will be running all summer. Plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and share in the efforts to support gun owners.

    Looking forward to it!

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