Whoa thanks for the pic/quote, Burt Gummer! ^^^^

Re: Christiana Figueres – it seems like eating bugs should be more of an "outside the restaurant" experience, but I'm old skool. Maybe there's a difference between free-range roaches vs pharm-growed ones, but I will not learn it.

So, add "carnivores" to the NWO list of slurs, mm-kay.

I know a vegetarian/vegan who developed severe anemia years back ... was told by doc, "you must eat meat or YOU WILL DIE." So, she eats meat and is still with us, hmmm ....

Eat all the bugs you want. If that's what you are into. The people that brought you, my body, my choice, seems to forgot somethings along the way.

They are admitting to be,"The Man", who was the enemy of the working man when I grew up. Everything they were against they are for. Even more. They obtained the dollar, found it useless and are focusing on power. Changing or ignoring the rules to suit them.
On supply chain, availability, and prices:

My daughter is still running an auto-glass place. A G-series Mercedes comes in for a quote on replacing the front windshield. $4,400 quote back to the Customer. $3,500 (her cost for the glass), additional trim parts, labor, and recalibration of various sensors looking through the glass.

Then, availability. 2+ months to get the glass.

So if you're buying a new or newer vehicle going forward:
- How rare or unique might the parts be?
- Can you get said parts?
- How expensive will the parts be?

It might be a cool ride, but it's a lawn ornament if not operational.
It depends on what the chips are for. For instance, cell phones (which seem to be dropping in demand), or automobiles/light trucks (which seem to still be selling, but can't get enough chips).

Supply and demand. Can't ignore it. Governments try to control it, but almost always fail, and when they try to control it, really screw up the consumer.
I've been running a small telecom for 36 years and am the type that ignores scripted MSM and political narratives and trust my own eyes and ears.

They tell me that it is very bad out there.

Business call processing is at an all time low right now. I understand how it is important for small businesses to appear vibrant and successful to survive. They are doing just that - they are acting - putting their best food forward, as their debt is skyrocketing and revenues plummeting.

Everything is coming to fruition toward the 2030 reset. First lockdowns and other draconian measures to show the peasants who are in charge. Wear your face diaper or else. Next up CC lockdowns, scripted wars, bank collapses, the greatest depression, et al.

If I was 25 I'd be all riled up over it but as a geezer it is what it is; a populace controlled by the scare media and the banksters.
Jan 2021 diesel was $2.15-$2.19 per gallon......$5.49-$5.69 when I flew out of Oregon last week.

Flying back in tonight......can't wait to see what progress the Senile Pedophile has made on fuel prices.

We're the largest energy producer in the world.

Pecker munching democrats can suck the joy out of a blow job....
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