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Super lightweight CQB SBR upper and/or parts + T1, DD, Vltor, MI, PSA, Battlecomp,etc

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by Ben Beckerich, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Ben Beckerich

    Ben Beckerich NW Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Firstly... I think I will hold the parts for a couple of days to see if anyone wants to buy the whole shabang. If you want dibs on a part, shoot me an email claiming it, and if/when the upper doesn't sell, it'll go to you.

    I built this to hunt centerfire buck in the bush with this season, but then didn't get my tag in time... and now I'd rather buy a new bike.

    Shipping is $5 per shipment, combined shipping is fine. Most will cost me more than that, and you know you couldn't get it shipped for that from a dealer, so please allow me that one emotional concession.

    Everything was new and unfired except the BCG, which has about 200 rounds on it, and the MI handguard, which was a takeoff. And the Micro. Keep in mind these parts are currently assembled and have kicked around my office for a few months, so they MIGHT have handling/assembly marks, but are otherwise totally new. Everything was chemically stripped and treated with FireClean, if that matters to you- no other lubricants have been used on them.

    $245 - Daniel Defense 10.3" cold hammer-forged barrel - might have two very small dimples on the sides from a set-screw gas block. All gas blocks on the market will cover them (if they're even there)
    $110 - PSA unmodified (incorrectly known as "M16") "Premium" (MP, 158, grade 8, etc) BCG
    $40 - Vltor/BCM Mod 5 charging handle
    $120 - Battlecomp 1.0, black - this shows some kick-around wear... nothing you wouldn't put on it your first trip to the range, but I'm into full disclosure. But it's unfired.
    $90 - M4 receiver, bought from Bravo a few years ago- probably just their standard un-branded receiver.
    $115 - MI Gen II SS handguard in the 10.0" variety - this handguard is in "good used" shape- it's got some cosmetic scratches, and it does have two slightly bent indexing lugs on the right side, but it's solid and bolts up straight and works great
    $30 - ultra minimalist shaved FSB with carbine-length gas tube and tapped set-screws, and finished with a really clean HOT blue job and oil treated - Ask me for a pic. This is the single lightest, cleanest gas block money can't buy. Custom made by me.
    $75 - LT751VFZ - wrench included - lightest absolute cowitness mount on the market. bubbleguming love these mounts. This one is unused except for having been mounted on this weapon.
    $500 - Aimpoint T1, 2 MOA - great condition, some screwdriver goobering on the slot of the cap. Otherwise fantastic used condition (takeoff from another used rifle).

    I'd sell the whole thing as-is (it's pretty much the perfect lightweight CQBR SBR upper, afterall. Seriously) for $1200, and throw in a set of black Gen II MBUS. 100% combat ready. I'm also willing to take off any part you don't need, if you have a logical offer on the rest of the upper (muzzle device, handguard, sight).

    benjaminbeckerich@gmail.com is best.


    Pics to come
  2. Guymcdb

    Guymcdb Vancouver Wa Active Member

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    Just out of curiosity. What's centerfire buck? And you can buy your tag even on the last day of the season, if it's an over the counter hunt that is. And hunt that day. Also the minimum caliber to hunt big game is .24. So the hunter in me is very confused. But the black rifle enthusiast in me in interested in the BCM charging handle if you start breaking it down. :thumbup:
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  3. Ben Beckerich

    Ben Beckerich NW Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Centerfire buck is the season.... Not archery or muzzleloader buck, not centerfire elk........ centerfire buck!

    And yes, you can buy your tag till the first day of the season. Guess who managed to wait till the first day?

    And Centerfire buck is .22 or larger, not .24 or larger. Page 30 in your game regulations.

    Finally.... the charging handle is actually the single most claimed item on the list... I've had like 5 dudes put dibs on it. You're in line... I'll let you know if it falls to you.
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