Super 8 - A great nostalgic look back

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    Right now critics are roasting this movie alive, but I loved it. Not for the effects, or the acting but the nostalgic look back at being a kid, living in a small town in 1979. I'm predicting this one will be a big hit with people ages 35-50 regardless of what critics say. This critic probably expressed it best, even though he didn't care for the movie itself

    News: January 2011 | Neon Tommy

    "What makes this film stand apart from an industry top heavy with sci fi action thrillers is not the Hollywood sized explosions, mysterious figures in the dark, or curious (and largely unexplained) white Rubix Cubes accompanying the monster. It is the fact that the story takes place in a world not so long ago that somehow seems long gone. A world before Facebook and iPhones, before e-mail and DVDs, even before cable television or remote controls. But not quite before the Sony Walkman, as the film reminds us.

    Such a world ever existed? To the folks in the audience that remember the 70’s, Super 8 is a delicious step back into the days when seat belts were optional and asbestos was a good thing because it was fireproof. When kids weren’t chaperoned to death and if your baseball team lost, you didn’t get a trophy."

    Just for that the movie is worth sitting through IMO

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