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    Sooo, i get my new baby next week and now i need to go holster shopping! Anyone have any thoughts on best concealed and open carry options for springfield xd 9mm 4' service? things to consider:
    I NEVER wear a belt.
    For concealed id like it to be able to be on body or in purse depending on where im going and what im doing.
    I prefer to have some kind of strap/thumb break. i dont like the thought of open top holsters.
    I really need a good but affordable thigh rig for backpacking too. Its too hard to carry high when wearing a huge pack, couldnt even stand hiking with a meduim sized buck knife at my waist.
    Comfort is king! Must be comfy which is why for a thigh rig i was thinking something light and nylon.
    And definitely needs to be affordable!

    Any thoughts? what is the most comfy holster youve found?

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