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Nick Burkhardt

Given the current climate, I would just as soon not memorialize Kyle Rittenhouse. He did what was necessary to protect himself from possible death or grievous bodily injury.
I agree with this. Let 'sleeping dogs lie'.

Also I see it as 'immature' to idolize Rittenhouse and 'commemorate' him with a 'tribute' lower - or anything gun related. Personally I find it 'laughable' anyone would even consider this - if it even IS a reality.

I am sure there are some who are living 'vicariously' through Rittenhouse and see him as some kind of de facto 'hero' and are immortalizing his actions but the fact remains is he was a 17 YO kid who seemingly got very lucky - both in his situation and after the fact in court. It could have gone very differently if a prosecution team had been better prepared and possibly some jury members less inclined to believing he was justified with self defense.

AND - a final question - if he HAD been convicted on anything would he still be seen as a 'hero' - and potentially still 'commemorated' ? Would his actions still be seen as justifiable and the outcome criticized by the pro gun community?
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