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SUGGESTION: Consider Location When Searching Forum Posts?

Discussion in 'Questions, Problems, & Feedback' started by rick, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. rick

    rick Close to Corvallis, Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    It would be very helpful if the poster's location was looked at when doing forum searches, particularly when searching the For Sale posts. For example, if I search for "Corvallis", right now the search results will only include posts where the poster has actually written "Corvallis" somewhere in the body of the post (which is rare). What I was expecting was to be able to find posts that have "Corvallis" in the body of the post or in the poster's location, but it doesn't work that way right now. In other words, it's now possible to search on the post body, title, date, and poster's name, but not on the poster's location. The ability to search on location would be a great help to those of us that don't live in a major metropolitan area.

    Even more awesome would be a proximity search, with zip codes required for classified ads, but I understand that would be vastly more complicated to implement. :)