Suburban Chicago police officers S allowed to work 'half-drunk"

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by tunus, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Now I understand why they fire 50 rounds at a suspect and hit more bystanders than the BG.
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    Before I went to college this fall, I adamantly defended and still defend unions and what they stand for. I am a union steel stud framer/drywaller/carpented and we get payed well because we do the job right the first time. We are not lazy. We are well trained. Only the most skilled and hard working individuals keep their job, TRUST ME. My GF of 4 years just graduated WWU to be a elementary school teacher and I hope there is a strong union to give her bargaining rights so that she can have a fruitful career as an educator in the future. I know I may be flamed for supporting the idea of unions, but when honest in their motives they are great, because unions provide some trades and professions with representation they might not otherwise have.

    But I dont blame people for hating unions.

    When done right, the unions give people a voice. Much like orginizations such as the NRA and GOA give gun owners a voice. When done wrong (which ive seen in unions), they make it nearly impossible to fire or otherwise eliminate a lazy/crappy worker through means of tenurship or other procedures. Just like the government, when unchecked, they will abuse their powers for personal gain and try to strong arm everyone else.

    The fact that a police officers union is protecting their rights to be intoxication on duty is not allright by ANY other union workers standards. That is BS and gives me and my brothers and sisters of the Uniter Brotherhood of Carpenters a bad name. I am not chitcago scum.

    I would get my *** kicked clear to the moon for coming in to work smelling like booze, let alone having a maximum dring allowance. PATHETIC.

    Sorry for the rant, It just really pisses me off that this is how media portrays ALL unions....

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