Okay first let me say that I don't care for the show in general. It's a little campy for me but my wife likes it so I watch it with her (that and since we have rabbit ears my options last night were limited at best)

Last weeks episode had this drug dealer threatening Gibbs father and showed Gibbs making a call to his dad; presumably to warn him of the threat.

This weeks show open in Gibbs's fathers store with the drug dealer walking in and flipping the open sign to closed and she announces that she knows who dad is.

Dad gets the drop on her and pulls out a lever action rifle before she's drawn her gun. (shoot her) Somehow she manages to draw her gun but he still really has the drop on her (shoot her now) and yet a conversation ensues (SHOOT HER) and she backs out of the store continuing to point her gun at him (FOR PITTY SAKE SHOOT HER ALREADY). She makes it out of the store where two goons with automatics shoot up the store front.

Now I know it wouldn't have made for much of a story if he had shot her but come on! He knew she was there to kill him. He knew she was armed. Why in the world didn't he just pull the trigger and move on with life?
Your second line defines it. Those NCIS and CSI shows and MOST cop shows are most popular with female viewers. That's why the plots are so "impractical", especially about firearms reality. The lady viewers don't want to think of men being unchivalrous and capable of blowing them away! Not even evil drug-lord females! They had to script that show so that she was finally shot off-screen by her own drug-lord brother. Gah, I too am limited to basic cable only! What a wasteland.........................elsullo :(
Now ask your wives if they remember the show where he (the dad from the Waltons) pulls it off the wall and goes with Gibbs using it to threaten someone ( I believe a mine owner) and later states he didnt remember where he even kept the shells for it. Pretty stupid to actually use an unloaded firearm as a deterant I know but makes for a good laugh. Just be happy the big networks still depict everyday people defending themselves and actually having firearms.
Gah, I too am limited to basic cable only! What a wasteland.........................elsullo :(


My TV has a brightness setting on it. I've got it CRANKED and everything on it is still stupid...

I stopped watching it almost entirely. I watch one show per week. Sometimes I miss the show, but I never actually miss it.
I like NCIS a bunch, but ya, that was pretty stupid. He even gave her a 'warning' shot as she drew, and shot a hole through the window.

I guess the episode would have been about 55 minutes shorter if he'd just killed her though.
Perhaps the writers were thinking of this line from The Shootist

"It's not always being fast or even accurate that counts. It's being willing. I found out early that most men, regardless of cause or need, aren't willing. They blink an eye or draw a breath before they pull the trigger...And I won't."
That scene was for sure pretty stupid.Firing a warning shot..or did he just miss her from 2 feet away??... was also prety stupid..KNOW YOUR BACKGROUND WHEN SHOOTING.
I like the show..not a lot..but that one was pretty lame.
Independent of sometimes just not getting firearms, computers, cellular
phones, chemistry, physics, economics, and politics right--NCIS still comes
closer than most of the rest of the drivel on television.

Gibb's dad only had one shell in the double so bluffed his way out.
The set up at the end was campy, but still a really fun story. I kinda like
when the good guys win and Gibb's team is certainly the good guys.

And yes, JB Brooks is right, some people are just not willing.

It's TV and for the many years I have watched it, rarely mimics real life. Entertainment is all that it is. I like NCIS and just enjoy the show for what it is. I rarely count the number of rounds fired in a movie scene just enjoy the moment/plot.
NCIS is the new JAG: Romanticising an absurdly boring military desk job.

I haven't owned cable TV in about 6 years. Netflix and the XBox is a nice alternative though. Mad Men is the only drama I can stand right now.

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