Stunning Gun Buyback Hypocrisy in Oakland

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    Stunning Gun Buyback Hypocrisy in Oakland
    More Stunning Gun Buyback Hypocrisy in Oakland
    By Robert Farago on December 1, 2013
    SF and Oakland gun buyback (courtesy

    Police: Gun buyback program aims to remover (sic) firearms from Oakland streets the headline proclaims. Which is stupider than normal. Yes, the FUD is strong with this one. “After last year’s successful gun buyback program that removed more than 600 firearms from city streets, police and two anti-violence organizations will hold a similar event on Dec. 14.” Right. The otherwise worthless, broken *** guns Oaklanders exchanged for booty we “removed from city streets.” Like bags of heroin. Or thugs locked away in jail. Can I get an Oy Vey? “The event is part of a statewide gun buyback initiative and will be co-hosted by Youth UpRising in partnership with Gun by Gun, an organization founded this year to prevent gun violence by reducing the number of unwanted illegal guns in a community.” What about wanted illegal guns? Seriously folks, this is funny stuff . . .

    Youth UpRising organizers got involved with the buyback as 1 out of every 5 Oakland homicides occurs within a mile of the organization. The homicide rate in the community immediately surrounding the organization is seven times higher than the national average, with homicide the leading cause of death for people under 25, according to organizers.

    Would it be politically incorrect to point out that any decent uprising needs to be armed? Then I won’t. Let’s go with this instead. Given that Youth UpRising’s stated mission is to “transform East Oakland into a healthy and economically robust community by developing the leadership of youth and young adults and improving the systems that impact them” why are they getting into the gun buyback biz?

    Because it’s easy. Present company excluded, who’s gonna say they shouldn’t? Who’s gonna say it was a waste of time and resources; politically correct crime control theater with no more proven impact on “gun violence” than astrology-based policing? Of course, gun control groups love buybacks. If nothing else, they demonize firearms.

    There have already been 3,026 gun crimes committed in Oakland this year, according to Gun by Gun, which is trying to raise $10,000 toward the buyback event.

    Ian Johnstone, the group’s founder, said he created the group because his father was fatally shot by a gun-wielding youth in an attempted robbery in San Francisco two decades ago.

    “I grew up without a father, and my family members were determined to prevent what happened to us from happening to other families,” he said.

    Setting aside writer Kristin J. Bender’s willingness to quote “gun crime” stats provided by an organization dedicated to civilian disarmament (Google and Oakland PD are not her friend), I wonder if it ever occurs to Mr. Johnstone that trying to “remove” guns “from the streets” is a fool’s errand. I guess not. Not when so many people are fooled into believing gun buybacks “work.”

    After all, it’s common sense! “Fewer Guns = Fewer Gun Deaths” Mr. Johnstone’s website asserts. In fact, common sense says criminals are the last people to give up their guns. Fewer guns = a higher percentage of guns in the hands of the bad guys. Hey! I have an idea! How about we concentrate on reducing the number of bad guys by, I dunno, developing the leadership of youth and young adults. I know it sounds crazy, but it just might work.

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    What they are mainly getting brought in are the guns that have been in drawers& under beds of the deceased, stupid liberals who inherited them and know nothing about them and the ones that will steal to support their nasty drug addiction...
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    Nothing stunning about the hypocrisy in Kalifornia...
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    Since very few guns were ever owned by the government how can they "buy them back"? Unless it was purchased from the CMP or other legal sale. And I certainly wouldn't turn in a Singer 1911!!

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