Stripper clip questions and ammo storage

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by jmurray192, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Well I havent been around ar15s forever and just learned about stripper clips. Not only do they work for GI mags they work for pmags which is pretty much all I have. So my question is do you guys load up all your ammo in storage on stripper clips or just leave them loose in ammo cans? Any downsides to these things? Thinking about loading up all my ammo in stripper clips. Do most guns stores carry them. Are there junk ones to stay away from?
  2. Mark W.

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    I'm not an AR guy but I do use stripper clips for both my M1903 Springfield and my M1 Carbine. I store a lot of the 30-06 rounds dedicated to my M1903 on stripper clips. In fact I think I have enough stripper clips to hold 3) 30 cal ammo cans full of 30-06 (be about 660 rounds) With the carbine I have 30) 15rd Mags and about enough Strippers to refill those mags the rest of my .30M1 is stored in 50rd boxes. as this is the most compact and light weight way to store it.

    As to gun stores carrying stripper clips for AR's I don't know I do know for M1903 and M1 Carbine they are mostly available as surplus. The only ones I have ever seen for the carbine are USGI and all equal quality. I use a couple of different kinds for the M1903 some are I believe from a Mauser 8mm but again all equal quality.
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    I store any ammo that can be on strippers. I then either stack them neatly in ammo cans or even vacuum seal them in cardboard sleeves and have them placed at several locations in case of a zombie attack :bluelaugh: Best place I have found to get them and cardboard sleeves is Old Sarges Drop Zone The only problem with buying GI strippers is that most companies will tumble them to make the pretty again and this gets the media embedded in the tracks and makes them hard or impossible to load. You can easily pop the brass track out to clean them and I usually sit in front of the boob tube and do this. You can even get the bandolier repack kits from Old Sarges. The stippers in the pic are plastic Thermold one and are real nice and last a long time but hard to find surplus and expensive to buy new....I have had them for years, picked them up at a gun show cheap.

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    While I do have a fair amount of ammo I put on strippers I dont anymore. I would still keep a small portion of my ammo on strippers if super quick reloading was needed.

    Since you are talking about handloading the strippers this takes time and effort. Then you need to make sure you have plenty of spoons around to use them, plus generally a sold surface if doing more then a couple mags. With the time spent doing all this you could simply and easily load 2 mags with a LULA. Since the odds of needing to load mags in short amount of time saved by strippers is few and far between in normal life LULA wins hands down. Only other better tool is the UPLULA.
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    Some in strippers, some not. The Canadian surplus ammo comes with battle bandanas and the polymer strippers can double as fire starters
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    I reload and store my ammo loose in ammo cans or wooden/plastic boxes. It is too time consuming to load a stripper clip then load it in a mag :twocents: Do what works for you it all comes down to personal experiences I just never really cared for them
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    Thermold (plastic, reusable) clips are for sale here: THERMOLD .223 Stripper Clips

    I store what's not loaded in mags on the clips. I can load clips whenever and they save time when I'm actually shooting. Also, 3 clips fully load a mag with 30 rounds. Since some mags (Pmags) can hold 31 but don't work well it's a way to keep count.

  8. madcratebuilder

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    Most all my mil-surp bolt guns use ammo on stripper clips.


    Bandoleers are a easy way to carry ammo, depending on the caliber you have around 50rds in each one.

    5.56 clips can be reused, other clips may have a small tab to hold the ammo on the clip, these break after so many reloads.

    Some clips can be very spendy, Swiss 7.5 and the old 30.06 brass M1 ball clips. Clips are a collectable item, like bayonets and enbloc's.

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    I've had a bit of experience loading 5.56 and M1 carbine rounds in stripper clips.

    I've bought some from "Old Sarge" too and they sells both types of clips in bulk at a fair price. They also sell the card board sleeves.

    I found the stripper clips good for organizing the ammo, but I had a hard time justifying paying $$ for the card board boxes. I came up with a much better and cheaper way to store the loaded stripper clips.

    Most food stores sell plastic baggies in a "snack" size.
    I bought some of these and I place my loaded stripper clips in them.

    These "snack" size baggies will hold 3 loaded stripper clips inside and zip/seal up easily!

    The advantage in using the baggies is:
    -- You can by 50/100 of them in a box for only a dollar!
    -- Your ammo will be in a zip lock bag so it will be safe from moisture in storage or while your carry your 3 loaded stripper clips around in your pocket/bandoleer/back back.
    -- I used them in loading up my bandolers so you don't have to worry about individual loaded stripper clips (or all of them) falling out of a pocket .
    -- If you carry your bandolers into the field and it rains, the cloth bandoleers and cardboard sleeves get wet and all that moisture next to you ammo!! These baggies will keep your ammo moisture free!
    -- after you do some shooting, you can place the stripper clips and the fired shell cases in the plastic bag.

    Just though I'd share with you all my use of them...

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