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    I was at bimart and they had a Streamlight polytac led 150 lumen $50. I got it, so much brighter that my Surefire. Now i need the led conversion for my SF.
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    I have a Surefire with the LED assembly, I wouldn't trade or sell it for the world. Streamlight are great too. I have a Surefire, a LED Maglite, and 3 Streamlights.
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    I have a Streamlight Poly Stinger that is not LED and while it's a durable light in and of itself, adding an LED would make the thing dang near unstoppable. The fact that mine is rechargeable is a big winner for me as I leave it attached to my tool box so I always have a light, just in case.

    If you look at SF's lights, with the exception of the G models, you're paying about $.75 per lumen or more, at retail. The Streamlight is less than half that and it's a great little light.

    The other lights to look at are the Coast LED models. Great little lights, awesome warranty, should you need it and they typically run on AA and AAA batteries which are cheaper and more plentiful than CR123's.

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