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Store hours and pickup options?

Discussion in 'RRC Firearms' started by SonicBlue03, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. SonicBlue03

    SonicBlue03 Snohomish Well-Known Member

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    Hi there,

    I saw you offer store pickup - what are your store hours and how long will you hold something aside for pickup once purchased?

    The latter is more a question as to whether you'll hold things as long as needed or if there's a time limit where you refund (minus a restocking fee) and return-to-stock.
  2. RRC Firearms

    RRC Firearms Gaston, OR Family owned and operated...

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    Not sure how I missed your post on here, sorry!

    We do offer local pickup, we do most local pickups on weekend only, but we are always willing to work with the customer to make sure that you get want you want.

    We can hold anything for a while, without a payment though generally we only allow 7 days. If you have already paid we can hold for a long time. We have had several customers that are deployed overseas and asked for us to hold for months and we are always happy to help.