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    Being Pro-gun is more than having a permit to carry
    Published on 18 August 2011
    Word of gun owners’ victory at the Iowa Straw Poll is spreading. Even one of America’s premier political news sites,, has picked up the story about how National Association for Gun Rights members just like you toppled Tim Pawlenty’s Presidential campaign.
    Pawlenty Toppled by Gun Owners
    Published on 16 August 2011
    On Saturday, at the Iowa Straw Poll, National Association for Gun Rights members and supporters made themselves heard, advancing two pro-gun candidates and toppling a third anti-gunner.
    Published on 10 August 2011
    Relentless and well-funded. I’m not talking about the IRS. I’m talking about the gun control lobby.
    Good News, Bad News
    Published on 8 August 2011
    Two Presidential Candidates, Congressman Ron Paul and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann have returned the National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Survey 100% pro-gun.
    Super Committee, Super Problem?
    Published on 1 August 2011
    I’ve been overwhelmed with e-mails and phone calls in the last few days about the debt-ceiling “crisis.” To be honest, I’ve been quiet about it because we’re a gun rights group and that’s all we do. I’m respectful of your support of the National Association for Gun Rights and committed to fighting to protect your Second Amendment Rights.

    Help Rand Paul Defeat the UN Small Arms Treaty! - National Association for Gun Rights

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