'Stop-and-Frisk' - good idea or bad?

Dave Workman

Big Apple bloodbath: Calls for return of ‘stop-and-frisk’ a good idea?

Six months into the term of New York’s ultra-liberal anti-gun Mayor Bill de Blasio has some folks wishing for the “good old days” under Michael Bloomberg, who supported the so-called “stop-and-frisk” policy to check people for illegal guns, according to a Monday report on WPIX 11, and this morning’s New York Daily News.

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One of the side effects of the stop and frisk policy was a sharp increase in drug busts. They would make the person empty their pockets before the frisk, and any contraband would then be out in public They could then be arrested without a search warrant.

Amazing how people can turn their backs when it comes to trampling on another persons rights.
Bad idea.

I'm surprised it's lasted this long and not been tossed out by some Federal judge on 4th amendment grounds. If they keep it up that's exactly what will happen and then LE nationwide will be without a tool, if used legitimately can be very useful and effective.

Just thinking out loud it sure would be interesting to see the stats on how many guns are found (given their strict gun control laws).



"Darrin Manning’s unprovoked “stop and frisk” encounter with the Philadelphia police left him hospitalized with a ruptured testicle ... "

" Minorities are unfairly targeted.

“Simply put,” says University of Florida law professor Katheryn K. Russell, “the public face of a police brutality victim is a young man who is Black or Latino.” In this case, research <broken link removed> perception matches reality. To give a particularly striking example, one Florida city’s “stop and frisk” policy has been explicitly aimed at all black men. Since 2008, this has led to 99,980 stops which did not produce an arrest in a city with a population of just 110,000. One man alone was stopped 258 times at his job in four years, and arrested for trespassing while working on 62 occasions. Failure to address this issue communicates to police that minorities are a safe target for abuse."
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Bad Idea. The Constitution followed to a "t" allows for a lot more people getting a way with wrong doing, in exchange for the innocent to NEVER be wrongfully convicted, or unfairly fall under scrutiny. The sad part about this is it is not followed, and yes, we may convict the guilty at a higher rate, but at what cost? Payment is the innocents lives. Just think there has been 317 exonerations do to DNA evidence being tested in the US since 1989, 20 some years. 30 of the exonorations plead guilty in order to "seek a better deal" because they knew they were going to the pen. Is that right? No. No, it's not. It shouldn't happen to anyone. Period.

It is that simple.

When it was originally done it was supposed to be done according to the Terry Stop, which SCOTUS had said was fine. The media of course blew it out of all reality with the fake news that they were stopping people for no reason and frisking them. No doubt there was some Cops who did not follow the law but I doubt it ever got anything close to the fake news story. So now we have people throwing stuff on Cops while they are trying to arrest people and such and the media cheers. Right up until they are a victim and the Cops do nothing to protect them. Then they start screaming where are the Police. It is amazing they can find enough people to take the damn job in these cities.
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I always saw the NY version of stop and frisk being a little too easy to abuse. Contrary to what some people think, you don’t need probable cause to stop or contact, you just need reasonable suspicion. You generate PC during the contact and then make an arrest. But, the duration of the contact needs to be reasonable based on the alleged violation. Safety pat searches were only meant to be a quick and dirty pat to make sure no weapons were on their person while detained. You don’t go diving into pockets or whatever during a safety pat.

Where I work, if you initiated a safety pat and asked the person if they had anything that could harm you and they blurted out they had dope or whatever, the PA would accept it as a spontaneous utterance and not fruit of the poisonous tree. But, if you didn’t have the quantifier of a safety issue in your question and asked if they had anything on them and they admitted to something, you just lost your evidence because you interrogated without informing the individual of their rights.

With the NY stop and frisk, the results were higher numbers of drug arrests. You gotta wonder how a quick pat for guns and knives yielded so many drugs. Must have been some heavy/dense drugs.
Blatant 4A violation.
Any violation of the BoR is is bad.
SCOTUS has said the Terry stops are fine, which is what these are. It is amazing and sad to watch how many gun owners know better than to believe the blatant lies told about guns by media. Then the same gun owners fall for blatant lies about Terry stops and say the media is now telling them the truth. Easy to see why we keep losing our gun rights.


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