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    I'll start by giving a short backstory. Recently I've been in the process of assembling another AR. With the recent election parts are hard to come by and take FOREVER to reach their destination.

    In my searches for a MEGA tactical trigger I found stonefire arms. They had the one I was looking for so I ordered it. The next morning I recieved an email from Dwayne (company owner) stating that the polished trigger was out of stock but hadn't been updated on the website. He apologized and offered me the standard black one instead at a discounted price and offered free shipping. I told him that I was only wanting the polished trigger. So he searched around at his suppliers and found one, emailed me and told me it would be a few extra days since it had to be shipped from their warehouse to his and on to me. All in all it took about a week and a half. Dwayne sent another email apologizing that it had taken so long to get it to me and offered me another discount and free shipping on my next 2 orders which arrived in a bout 3 days.

    Stonefire arms customer service was excellent and for that reason alone it will be one of the first places I check when looking for parts. I encourage you guys to check out their website

    Custom AR 15 Parts Kit - AR 15 Lower & Upper Receiver Sale, Suppressor, Trigger Upgrade

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