Stomp out the incremental invasion and subversion

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    I apologize for injecting this one comment against the tos, but have no choice.
    "May God help us in this fight"

    I know most have a life and sometimes it is difficult to act when other things are pressing on your life, but the US constitution is in truth more important than even your own life. It is what your children will inheret. What do you want to leave them?
    The decision is yours, but things like this are important, and if you can influence the outcome you have a duty to help.
    It does not matter where it is at within the borders of the US, it is the incremental invasion of the left that has to be stopped. Please take the time to help in any way you can.
    Even little advancements by the anti gun crowd have to be stopped. Our country is at war, but not many realise that when it is not bullets and missiles you are ducking. Legislation and words are just as damaging as a piece of schrapnel to the body. The wound is to the heart and the very soul of America.
    It is truly time to deal fatal wounds to the anti gun crowd in any way we can.

    NRA-ILA | Florida: Letter to the Leon County Commissioners Stating Ordinance Could Lead to Gun Ban and/or Confiscation

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