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Stolle Panda 6PPC LV class benchrest rifle -SOLD-

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Creeper, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Creeper

    Creeper Ravensdale, WA. Member

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    Sold 12-19-09 Thanks for looking. :thumbup:

    The perfect Christmas gift for benchrest or mid-range varmint shooters!
    (Not a good rifle for beginners, new to shooting or match reloading... really, just being honest here) :p

    This rifle, originally built by H&S Precision, is based on a Stolle Panda, right port, left bolt, "glue-in" action and chambered in "tight neck" 6PPC.
    Trigger is a Jewell 3/4 oz BR. Stock is a modified H&S Carbon Kevlar... paint is blue metallic with "floating skulls" on both sides of the butt. This is a match legal, 10.5 lb. LV rifle.


    There are two barrels: One is a H&S 10X, cut rifled, 13.5 twist, fluted barrel with 1035 shots fired thru it... still very accurate with a best of .063" 5 shot group at 100 yds. This barrel has been re-crowned and re-chambered by Speedy Gonzales and has not been fired since.

    Yes, this is sixty-three thousandths of an inch C to C for 5 shots at 100 yards.

    The second barrel is a brand new, cut rifled, 13.0 twist, un-fired, cryo'd Krieger.
    Both barrels were fit, finished and chambered by Speedy Gonzales using the same chambering and finishing reamers... so both barrels can be used with the same cases/loads. One for practice, one for competition.


    Both barrels are custom, .262" "tight neck" chambers and will not accept factory "6PPC USA" loaded ammunition. Both barrels have the SG&Y "spyderweb" finish. Both barrels are 416R stainless, benchrest contour barrels.
    Either barrel can be rechambered to accept 6PPC USA, or with a minor modification, any number of cartridges in the .473" bolt face catagory could be used including 6BR and 6XC.

    Included are: Wilson and other 6PPC dies including a Harrell bump die, Berger bullets, delrin loading blocks, 6PPC specific case tools, Lapua .220 Russian cases ready for machining and fire-forming.


    Rifle, Pelican hard case, loading components and accessories: $1300 FTF in the PNW. With Leupold 36X BR optic - $1800 FTF.

    More interested in trades than cash. The Bald Eagle bags and front rest are not included. Available separately to anyone interested for $200.

    Possible trades are: AR-15 - .223 or .308. Valmet/Galil .308, FN-FAL, SIG AMT, H&K 91, Benelli M1 Super 90, Benelli Practical, Benelli M4, Beretta 1201FP, .22 match pistols... combinations of above.

    Thanks for lookin'
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2009
  2. Stubb

    Stubb Paris, TN New Member

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    I am interested in you rifle but I am in Tennessee. Would you change your mind about face to face only?
  3. Creeper

    Creeper Ravensdale, WA. Member

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    PM'd ya' David. :thumbup:

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