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Posting this from craigslist.

$500.00 Reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of individual in possession of this handgun. Stolen Sunday, May 27, 2012 in downtown Portland. KAHR K40, 40 S&W semi-auto pistol. Stainless steel slide and frame with black rubber grips. Two extra magazines and black leather Fanny Pack. SERIAL NUMBER DF1328.

GUNS 047.jpg GUNS 047.jpg
October 26, 2014, Lakeridge neighborhood of Seattle. If you come across any of them, please notify the King County Sheriff's office. 206-477-2200. Thank you.

Glock 17 Gen 3 THN11q It has a large mag release button and extended slide release. Standard Glock sights and Glock plug. It hadn't been cleaned either after 200-300 rounds. They left the Glock box. It had three mags with ball and JHP and a double mag carrier. The pistol was in a bladtech holster.

HK45 HKU-006059 LEM trigger. Glow in the dark sights. They left the Hk box. It had three mags loaded with Federal JHP and a double mag carrier. The pistol was in a bladtech holster.

(1) spikes AR SAR22700 magpul rear sights. BCM complete upper with magpul forearm and BCM bolt carrier group. Magpul grip. Zombie Rollmark. Magpul stock. Magpul sling

(1) spikes AR SS-001118 magpul rear sight. Troy industries railed forearm. A2 grip. Regular collapsing stock. CMMG Barrel

(1) Rguns AR KMA06213 bronze colored with MI sights. A VERY obvious blind pin weld. BCM 14.5" barrel, BCM gas block. Free Float railed forearm. Vickers bungee type sling. Vortex flash hider.

Aero Lower USA04073 and upper. had pistol buffer tube. matte black.

Anderson mfg lower didn't get the serial number. It was in a plastic bag

Remington 597 B2742767 Blue laminate stock with a old rimfire scope

Remington 572 166271Q The screw in the receiver is particularly jagged

Remington Gamemaster .30-06 366135 it has ramp style rear sight which is not correct for this rifle. No attachment points for a sling.

Remington sportsman 58 29594V It has a poly choke
Extra skeet barrel for the sportsman 58

There would have been a bright yellow Otter box with ammo in it as well and another bright yellow Otterbox filled with AR 30rd mags.
413429_533686298084_1197902392_o.jpg 415065_525162624594_624645700_o.jpg WP_20131109_002.jpg WP_20131109_007.jpg WP_20131109_009.jpg WP_20131109_011.jpg WP_20131109_012.jpg WP_20131109_013.jpg WP_20131109_014.jpg WP_20131109_015.jpg WP_20131109_004.jpg WP_20131109_005.jpg
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Had a firearm stolen early November 21, 2015 from a Lakewood residence. It's a Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Compact with two magazines. The magazines had hydrashock rounds in them. The serial number is DXH1529. Contact me on here or the Lakewood Police Department with any info. Thanks guys.
All stolen 15 or more years ago....

S&W Model 36 Chiefs Special 38 special 2" SN 618253
S&W Model 59 9mm SN A627885
High Standard, Model HD 22lr pistol SN 167272
Astra model 2000 22 short pistol SN 55466-55433

While the model 59 and Astra were reportedly recovered and destroyed a few years ago, there is enough ambiguity in the PPB property room inventory report to include them here.
Contrary to the official version, I was never notified upon their recovery and there is no credible documentation to support their assertion to the contrary. If you find either of these, please be sure to contact me first.
If either of these show up...."you got some splainin to do Lucy".
Still on the search for 2 guns that werent recovered from my house when they were stolen a few months ago, the guy is caught (Tj Toulana Sua') and is in jail, most of my things recovered except for these two handguns. Glock 23 gen4, lefty mag release, trijicon HD sights. both reported stolen immediatly after. still holding out hope. cash reward to anyone who can help me find them, thanks again! 13236197_1178791348832732_992785877_n.jpg stolen.PNG stolen2.PNG
Between 9-5
NE 47th & I-84 across from Providence Hospital
1- Spikes Tactical Lower CalicoJack
AR15 with
Daniel Defence 556 barrel 16"
AAC 51T Breakout
13" Troy handguard
Vortex SparcII
Magpur CTR Black
Magpul MIAD Grip Black
RockRiver 2Stage trigger w/IN A pins
RockRiver BCG
ST H2 buffer
BCM Gunfighter charging handle
Ser# SAR64009

1- Spikes Tactical Lower Spider
AR15 with
16" 556 barrel w/birdcage
Magpul CTR Grey
Magpul MOE Carbine Grey
Magpul MOE+ Grip Grey
NO BCG/Charging handle
Ser# unknown

1- Taurus 851CIA 38SPL
Bobbed Hammer
Hogue grips
Ser# DW65534

1- AR500 Banshee w/PLATES in Black
SIG KNIFE attached
1- ACU bag ammo & MAGS
Pmags, Glock 9mm, 10/22 Hotlips,
38spl, 9mm, 223, 22
1- CANON EOS3 film body
1- CANON REBEL film body
Tamerac Backpack with lens & flash

PBB CASE# 16329909

Dave 503.515.9358 20161011_202354.jpg


Stolen from
Kansas City, Kansas

Guns & Parts Kits Model Serial Chambering/Caliber Country of origin Manufacturer Importer as Marked on Firearm
2 SLP Mk1 11BMR02544 12 ga Belgium FN Herstal FNH Fredericksburg, VA

9 SA RPK 7R HB 04 0061 7.62x39mm Bulgarian parts/US assembly Arsenal Inc LV NA
13 SLR-95 7.62x39mm Bulgaria Arsenal BG

15 SLR-101S AD 40 0439 7.62x39mm Bulgaria Arsenal BG
16 SLR 105 (SLR 105A1) KG 44 2747 5.45x39.5mm Bulgaria Arsenal BG Arsenal Inc LV
17 SLR 105R (SLR 105A1R) KG 44 2821 5.45x39.5mm Bulgaria Arsenal BG Arsenal Inc LV

24 56S-1 1405986 7.62x39mm China Norinco /66\ IA CO SAC CA (Import Arms Co, Sacramento CA)
25 84S-3A 0005206 5.56x45mm China Norinco /66\ CSI LA CA
26 AK-47/S/Legend P47-00470 7.62x39mm China Poly Technologies (386) Kengs Firearm Specialties/KFS ATLANTA GA
27 MAK-90 9495625 7.62x39mm China Norinco CAI ST ALB VT (1st importer mark shaved off)
28 MAK-90 7.62x39mm China Norinco (Arsenal mark shaved off) LABANU INC/RNKNKMA N.Y. (Ronkonkoma)
29 MAK-90 7.62x39mm China Norinco (Arsenal mark shaved off) LABANU INC/RNKNKMA N.Y. (Ronkonkoma)
30 SKS 22 014175 7.62x39mm China Norinco /0229\ ACI III or ACT III GREENSBORO, N.C.

34 SP 89 21-13516 9mmx19 Germany HK HK Inc Sterling VA

45 SA 85M SM 05836 7.62x39mm Hungary Fegyver- és Gépgyár/FEG K.B.I. INC. HARRISBURG, PA

50 SKS-45/1954r KC143 7.62x39mm Russia Tula KBI, INC HBG, PA

54 STG-556 600-P003582 5.56x45mm US MSAR Bradford, PA NA
55 XM15-E2S L115609 5.56x45mm US Bushmaster/B.F.I. WINDHAM, ME NA


Stolen from Helena Montana Area: Yesterday. Reported on 24hourcampfire forums.

Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2016 9:33 AM
To: Jeff McDermott
Subject: Re: Help


The Dets took my big computer to print. Most of the serial numbers are on it and the backup drive.


Guns - handguns
Sig Sauer 1911
Fastback Nightmare
Serial: GS92952
Norton coated stainless steel frame
Low profile night sights
G-10 double diamond grips
SkeletonIced trigger

Smith & Wesson K22 Masterpiece Revolver
Model 85904
Serial: K72736

Smith & Wesson .357 revolver
Colt gold cup national match .45 ACP
Colt .22 Woodsman
Webley .38 cal

Mossberg 590
12 gauge pump shotgun
20 inch cylinder bore
Serial: U543867

Belgium Browning .12 gauge Auto 5 shotgun
Winchester Model 70 featherweight 30-.06 rifle with bushnell scope 3-9
Winchester Model 100 semi-auto .308 with Redfield 3-9 scope 3 magazines
Ruger Model 10-22 .22 cal rifle with 4x bushnell scope
Thompson Contender .54 cal muzzle loader rifle
Springfield A303 .30-06 rifle

550 rounds .45 ACP
800 rounds .357
1200 rounds .22 LR
300 rounds .22 short
12-25 round boxes 12 gauge shotgun shells various shot from slug to #6
350 rounds 30.06 180 grain
100 rounds .308

RCBS 4x4 with dies for .357, .45 ACP, 30.06
Various scales, tumbler brass cleaner, tricker, etc
3,000 + primers
3,000 + brass
3,000 + rounds of .30 cal, .45. .38 bullets
25 lbs of various powders"

Posted today at 10AM. Let's help catcht the crooks if we can!
On 12/07/2016 in West Pasco, WA my Glock 22 Gen 4 (serial # XPB041) was stolen.

Along with my Blackhawk Serpa paddle holster and double mag holder. Both were marked "GLOCK" with yellow paint pen on inside of paddles.

Please PM me on here.
Date of theft: 25 Dec 2016

S 16th Street, Cottage Grove, OR

FD-16 Tavor SAR, SNT0056068
(accessories ... Trijicon AccuPoint TR21-3 1.25-4x riflescope; BCM angled pistol grip, FDE, 6-o'clock rail section on fore end; Streamlight Polytac mounted in a Magpul rail light mount, Magpul MS-3 sling)

GLOCK G17, Black, SNBBHX475
(No accessories, three mags, one with Pearce +3 base plate, Bladetech Total Eclipse holster)

If you have seen or do see these firearms, please contact the Cottage Grove Oregon Police Department.

IMG_2157.JPG IMG_2072.JPG


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Stolen early February 2017 from a home out in Dallas, as part of a break-in:

S&W Lady Smith .38 special, brushed stainless.

Contact Dallas Police department.


Our friend was moving some stuff this passed weekend and located the original box, with serial # and original receipt.

Serial # is: BRJ2938

Model is SW 60 Ladysmith 2” stainless.

She has updated the info with the Dallas police as well.
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Lost a bunch today:

Smith and wesson 6" highway patrolman blue 1954
Smith and wesson .22 revolver
Smith and wesson .32-20
FNP .45 Black and tan
Beretta M9A1
Ruger single action .357 stainless Blackhawk or whatever they are.
Coast to Coast .22 rifle with 7 shot mag
Old wall hanger 12 gauge, 1890's vintage
My kids Cricket .22
My kids 20 gauge Mossberg shotgun

All the pistols were in a pistol safe. They just took the whole freaking thing. I will post serial numbers later.
Bushmaster ar-15v match serial#L123129, had a Leopuld 4.5X14 50mm
Remington L700 .204 Serial#G6394803, had a Burris 4.5-14 42mm
Also stolen were a set of Peltor electronic ear muffs, Bushnell range finder and Stiener Predator auto focus binoculars. There are 2 distinct marks on the focal ring end on both sides from them being laid down on a hot stove, circular in nature.

If you have any information that leads to the capture or recovery of these items I will pay $500.


My vehicle was broken into last night, among the items taken was an AR lower I left locked in the trunk like a retard.

Spike's Tactical spider, SN 039375
Built out as a pistol lower, has a nickel plated trigger & hammer, knurled Rock River buffer tube




Stolen in King County 1987: 1903 Colt Hammerless .32 ACP blue. Serial number 200991.
Stolen in King County 04-30-2012: Taurus Model 66 .357 magnum, blue, 4 inch barrel, Hogue stocks. Serial number 65447.


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