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Looking for these AR parts and pieces to surface somewhere---Broken into on 7/21/2013---
The upper reciever was a Hi-Rider DPMS that needed work it was "BENT/TWISTED"---wouldn't fit onto a lower without really tweaking it.
The stripped Lower was Aero Precision ser#8368.
The complete lower was an AR57 brand with a tan Battlelink adjustable stock.
The YHM #5005 handguard was a "smooth" rifle length w/o any hardware (I still have the barrel nut,jam nut, and the anti rotation bolts).
All 8 of the BCGs were simple milspec several were lightly used.
The magazines were 30 20 and 10 rounders with brass cased 223/556 FMJ and .204 ruger handloads.
We think the thief was riding a bike and carrying his ill gotten stuff in a backpack/ most likely a local resident of Douglas county.

ARMSLIST - For Sale/Trade: Be on the Lookout for stolen AR parts/Pmags/ammo

Dave Workman

Please be on the lookout for these eight guns, stolen in a residential burglary in Seatac on 11/14/2013

They belong to a friend of mine.

PLEASE circulate this list to everyone you know in the region, especially at GUN SHOPS or Loan shops where someone might try to pawn or sell one of these for quick cash.

If you encounter one of these firearms, please contact the police immediately, and then me.

Dave Workman


1) Remington Model 600 Mohawk .308 with Redfield "low pro" 3x9 scope SN#A6437444
2) Winchester model 70 .30/06 Featherweight with Nikon 3x9 Buckmaster scope SN# G150776
3) Olympic Arms PCR 98 .223 SN#411980
4) Savage Mod 99 .300 Savage with Burris 3/9 scope SN#218930 (has walnut stock, metal buttplate and walrus ivory comb cap)
5) Savage Mod 23 D .22 Hornet bolt action with antique scope ( I think it's a Lyman) SN#218930


6) Glock mod 27 .40 SN# EPU 472 with XS express front and rear sights.
7) Ruger Mark II .22 SN#210-58447 black in color
8) Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 mag stainless with rosewood looking grips and lime green color hand painted front sight. SN# 87-88522
This was stolen around Lebanon in the last couple days
Bought new over 17 years ago. Model: 05070E S/N: 26961E Gold Cup National Match 5" barrel 45acp stainless steel finish. Sorry don't have picture. Has Hogue Grips.


4/13/14 (last night)

225th and Sandy area of Portland

CZ75B Pistol, 3 magazines, and a SigTac holster. Also stolen were a PlayStation 3 and a Digital SLR, but we're mainly interested in finding the pistol.

The photo is of the original box and shows the serial number. This has been reported to the police.

If anyone finds out anything we'd appreciate a heads up. Please DO call the police first though.




HK P2000 .40 cal ser# 123-041564 Stolen in Vancouver today along with a few other things. Police report is being filed but if you see anything please contact the police.

Okay, it's been awhile but I will post it here directly from

Sep 10th 1994 Handgun Colt 1991A1 (1911) Parkarized
# 2710860 From Everett WA Case number on file with Everett PD. # 94-222-45

Hope the new douchebag owner of it has put a bunch of upgrades into her. That may keep me from kicking his butt when or if I get it back someday.
June 27 2014

Ruger LC9 serial #325-06804.
One 7 round and two 9 roundmags. Fully loaded.
Black Maxpedition EDC S-type shoulder bag.

Stolen from vehicle near SE 8th and Main in Portland Oregon.

Police report filed.
If found or sale post found please contact Portland Police Bureau or me. Thanks.


Man steals rifle from Billings Walmart

BILLINGS - Police responded to a report of an assault and robbery at the west end Walmart on Sunday afternoon and now need the public's assistance in identifying the suspect.
Shortly after noon, the male suspect assaulted a Walmart employee as the employee was taking out ammo.
According to Sgt. Ronda Fox, the suspect threw ammo in a garbage can and used a crowbar that he acquired in the store to break the gun case glass.
The suspect stole a Bushmaster AR rifle and at least one box of ammo. He then fled on foot to a vehicle, but the car could not be identified by surveillance video.
A witness stated that the man fled in a white passenger car, possibly a station wagon with luggage rack.
The witness described the vehicle as having Washington plates, however that plate did not match the vehicle description.
The photo shows a bald man with glasses with a beard.
If anyone has information, contact the BIllings Police Department dispatch center 406-657-8200


Stolen 9/13/14
On east side of Bend Oregon from my 2008 Toyota Tundra
S&W Mod. 19-4 .357 revolver ser# 49KF304 Blue, 4" BBL Target trigger and hammer, wood target grips that I put on it. If you see it please tell it to go home!!
H&R Mod. 922 .22 revolver ser# L49941 Blue, 2" BBL
Bend Police Case# 2014-261076
My 19-4 was pristine with less than 250 rounds through it.
I also lost a bunch of ammo
Buck 327 3" belt clip pocket knife
Buck 6" drop point, Black polymer handle
Bushnell G-Force rangefinder
They got me good:(
UPDATED with new recent recoveries. Never lose hope, this robbery happened back Christmas 2011. Just had more recovered.


New Update 12 MARCH 2015 - x6 Total Firearms recovered!

Date of theft: 23-25th DEC 2011

Location: Lakewood, Washington

1.) Beretta 96G - .40 S&W - SN: BER062581

2.) Colt M1917 - .45 ACP - SN: 180441 (This is the SN located on the bottom of the grip)

3.) Walther P-38 - 9x19mm - SN: 215164

4.) Ruger SP-101 w/Crimson Trace - .357 Magnum - SN: 574-70811

5.) Smith and Wesson 642 (no-lock) - .38 Special - SN: CPT7189

6.) Mossberg 590 - 12ga (blued) - SN: T882502

7.) Winchester M-1 Carbine - .30 Carbine - SN: 5726468

8.) Springfield M-1 Garand - .30-06 - SN: 1981762

9.) RECOVERED - New England Firearms - Single Shot 12ga - SN: NG431398 - Recovered by Washington State Highway Patrol. Destroyed due to being altered to under federal barrel length.

10.) New England Firearms - Single Shot 20ga - SN: NN304242

11.) RECOVERED - IAC Double Barrel Coach Shotgun - 12ga - SN: JWC1-09433 - Recovered by Washington State Highway Patrol.

12.) Yugoslavian SKS - 7.62x39mm - SN: 596608238

13.) RECOVERED - US Model 1917 Eddystone - .30-06 - SN: 995769 - Recovered by Washington State Highway Patrol.

14.) RECOVERED - M-91/30 Mosin Nagant (round reciever) - 7.62x54R - SN: PH2247 (Not the organic serial on reciever ring, but it's the importer reserial, located on reciever, stamped, must lift bolt handle to view) - Recovered by Washington State Highway Patrol.

15.) RECOVERED - Smith and Wesson 5906 - 9x19mm - SN: VAD7901 - Recovered from an arrest in Modesto, CA

16.) Smith and Wesson Victory Model - .38 S&W - SN: 984494 (This is the SN located on the bottom of the grip)

17.) Smith and Wesson SD9 - 9x19mm - SN: DVH8975

18.) RECOVERED - Mossberg/New Haven Bolt Action Shotgun - 12ga - SN: 268183 - Recovered by Washington State Highway Patrol.

Roughly 1,000rds per firearm in their respective calibers (located in .50 caliber ammo cans, with their assigned firearm labeled onto the can). All bayonets for every firearm that can mount a bayonet. x20 USGI M-1 Carbine Magazines.

Again, as soon as I get back home. I will update this with a more detailed post.

Contact: 911 or your local Law Enforcement or Lakewood PD. Or please PM me.
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Cerberus Training Group - Run the Gun Rifle
Cerberus Training Group
47 Cattle Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA
Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
Battleground Community Center
912 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
Albany Rifle & Pistol Club (ARPC) Gun Show
Linn County Expo Center
3700 Knox Butte Rd E, Albany, OR 97322, USA


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