Stock prices for Smith & Wesson and Ruger Soar in today's stock market

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Lance Jacobs, Jan 5, 2016.

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    Obama's tear filled presentation today is apparently good news for America's gun makers. The price of stock for both Smith & Wesson and Ruger went dramatically up today. In fact, Smith and Wesson's stock hit a new, all time high.

    Are Obama's tactics perhaps totally backfiring on him? Is he actually causing gun ownership to go up in America, instead of down??

    Here is a news report all about this:

  2. albin25

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    He has certainly made buying NEW guns more attractive... the number of guns per existing owner is probably going to increase if they don't want to "risk" private selling their old ones or selling them for a loss so they don't look like a "dealer". Could be that more Newbies will be afraid to buy used from a private party.

    Add to the collection excuse # 152
    "Honest Honey, I'd sell a few of my old pistols to buy a shotgun if it wasn't going to force me to not profit and make me lose money.

    Add to the collection excuse # 153
    "Honest Honey, I'd sell a few of my old pistols to buy a shotgun if I wasn't afraid of being
    arrested as an "unlicensed Gun Dealer".

    Add to the collection excuse # 154
    "Honest Honey, I'd sell a few of my old pistols to buy a shotgun if I wasn't almost impossible to privately sell a used guns.
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    Only problem with that, is Honey is going to know it's all BS because the law is unenforceable. :)
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    For now it's somewhat unenforceable. The time will come when it is completely enforceable and possession of firearm sold to someone not in your immediate family on or after 8/9/2015 will be in violation. Its still a law on the books which may or may not be enforced by the current Sheriff/Police Chief/lawman. The fact that it's up to the LEO is the problem.

    Im all for Ruger & S&W stocks going up......;)
  5. Mark W.

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    OK what if 25 years ago at the Portland Gun show I walked around at the end of the show with a couple of my fancy handmade knives and I found a guy willing to trade a real nice Star Model B for them straight across.

    Now jump forward to today I decide to sell that Star Model B. In the last 25 years the market value of that pistol the seller in 1990 was asking $250.00 for has come up to about $350.00 The handmade knives there is no way to know what their market value is in todays market. I don't make knives any more. They would have to be sold via an auction I guess to determine what the Market says is their value. What if the 2 knives I was asking almost $450.00 for in 1990 dropped to only $250.00 or what if they were worth $500.00 in todays market.

    And I put the Pistol up for sale today for $350.00 after holding it for 25 years. What is my profit margin? Does the cost of the BGC and such come into the equation?

    And WHO is going to be accessing these values? some ATF agent looking in a Blue Book or a Flaydermans Guide. Where is he going to look up the value of a pair 25 year old handmade knives that even I don't remember what they looked liked.

    Good luck on the profit figuring out thing ATF boys

    Or what if I just tell them if they ask that in 1990 I paid some guy at a gun show $400.00 for the gun. HOW ON EARTH WOULD THEY EVER BE ABLE TO PROVE ME WRONG? yes I know they take you to court and ruin your life paying for lawyers but that ain't going to be happening 20K times a month.

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