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First off the rules, which seem to have bothered a few uptight types... Who can stop reading here and move along....
Please read them all BEFORE contacting me. If you contact me to ask a question that is covered clearly below, I wont respond. Well I may but it will be to make fun of you for not reading the info in the thread lol


1. Posts in the thread NOT PM will determine order and or priority as to who gets what. Let there be no question who was first.
2. I will not ship. When I decide to ship these will be on ebay not here.
3. Some of the trades considered are listed below.
4. Must pick up in Beaverton, at Big Aals. I may travel for multiples or cool trade. Def travel if buying/trading the lot of them lol
5. No mask required but if you touch me with your meat mittens, they better be clean or ill punch your dick.
5. Failure to follow though with trade, no show or generally being a POS, will result in negative feedback as to warn others.
6. I reserve the right to refuse your offers and to not sell to whoever I choose. Don't get pissy just move on because I dont want your old couch, EWW.
7. Feel free to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer. I'm no expert but will pretend to be when I respond. :D
8. I really prefer to trade and can be a bit more flexible on values depending. If i really want your trade I can be very flexible in values.
9. CASH only! No half eaten burritos, worn out vans or pics of your favorite goat. Maybe Silver or gold at spot but meh...

Trade list:
LR optics
1-6/8 illuminated optic
Rem 700 LA chassis or A5 style stock
18" .223 wylde barrel
PRI Forearms (Really need 2, 9" and standard rifle length)
Quality AR parts (this does not include Anderson or Palmetto....please don't embarrass yourself by offering them)
Solvent trap kits you didnt have the time or skills to finish :)
Lever guns (Need .22, .357 and 30-30 but will listen to all calibers)
Steiner dbal ir setup
Vaqueros in 357/38
Nib Xbox x
Quality drones (not amazon or Walmart brands....Don't even offer lol)
Protech headache rack full size
Bose A20 headset
Ipad air 3 or 4, 128 or 256 (Cell and Wi-Fi model)

Feel free to ask questions. I'll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible.
OH, there will be a couple more electric cars as well as a few baller nitro cars to be added to the list,

The goods!!!

1. Traxxas Stampede 4x4 VXL with upgrades!
GH Racing Control arms front and rear
Proline Machined struts Front and rear ($140)
Extra truck body
GH Racing Hubs
Motor and speed control fans
This one rips! Used but maintained.
Comes with and radio but no batteries. Will have battery available for functions test upon pick up. $350 obo

Stampede 1-2.jpg Stampede 2-2.jpg

2. Traxxas Rustler VXL 2WD Brushless Stadium Truck
All stock with the exception of the wheelie bar, motor fans and speed control fans.
Used but not abused
Comes with and radio but no batteries. Will have battery available for functions test upon pick up. $250 obo
Rustler VXL 1-2.jpg Rustler VXL 2-2.jpg

3. Traxxas E-Revo 6s VXL 4x4 Brushless
Castle 2650KV Motor
Body has normal scratches, see pics.
Truck runs great with Traxxas 6s Castle Brushless System and is really clean.
On/Off switch tabs broken off but switch is good.
Custom Aluminum wheels and good condition tires. May have the OEM ones if I looked harder.
No radio or batteries but will have both available for functions test upon pick up.
$300 firm
E-Revo 1-3.jpg E-Revo 2-3.jpg E-Revo 3-3.jpg

4. Traxxas X-01 Super car
This is a 100mph car!!!
If you don't know this car, look them up.
0-60 2.3 seconds. 0-100 4.9 seconds.

All Stock with box, papers and radio.
Like new as pictured.
These are sought after cars and fetch upwards of $700-$900
$500 firm

XO1 1-5.jpg XO1 2-5.jpg XO1 3-5.jpg XO1 4-5.jpg XO1 5-5.jpg

5. John and Courtney Force Drag car set up with Tree!!!
Both cars have radios and come in the box. Used but well taken car of. Also included is the Traxxas DTS-1 Timing system.
The DTS does not appear to have been used.
$1000 obo

CForce 1-4.jpg CForce 2-4.jpg CForce 3-4.jpg CForce 4-4.jpg JForce 1-5.jpg JForce 2-5.jpg JForce 3-5.jpg JForce 4-5.jpg JForce 5-5.jpg DTS 1-2.jpg DTS 2-2.jpg
  1. I agree to the classified rules and terms of service
Last Edited:
I do have a weakness for early seki sogs, early cold steel magnum tantos and Randalls.
Also looking for a complete Cold Steel dragonfly set.
If anyone is interested in the entire lot of gas and electric cars/trucks, extra parts chargers 2 or 3 boxes of tires and wheels.....I would make a hell of a deal.
Last Edited:
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