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Do you prefer Stippling,Talon Grips, or Hogue

  • Stippling!

  • Talon Grips!

  • Hogue!

  • Other type not listed!

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Debatable topic when I first started shooting I was using the standard grip texturing. For example my Gen3 17 while it feels comfortable was way to slippery when actually shooting. I spend a fews hours searching the internet to find a product to aid in better control. The first one I bought was a Hogue grip. Threw it on my 17 and honestly it felt great but the G17 it’s already a big boy so add that little bit extra of a grip width it makes the grip feels almost to wide. It said it aided in recoil reduction so for $10-15. I said what the hell, so I tried it at the range. It wasn’t bad, but I felt like that added width which made it uncomfortable . I found I was having to reposition my grip to much but much better control wasn’t slipping. Which brought me to Talon grips! I always thought Talon grips looked sleek; so I watched a 20 minute YouTube video on which type of Talon grips to buy and I settled on the Rubberized. I put on the Rubberized and still kind of slippery but I kept them. A few months go by and I buy a gun from a member on here who had the granulated texturing on the gun I purchased. I went to the range and man do I really like how it feels! You can also rub a little sandpaper or access paper on the grip if you want it to feel less aggressive. So now go to is Talon granulated the only con is conceal carrying isn’t the most comfortable; but if that is the only con I am content with that! I know stippling gives a custom feel but I can never get over ruining the aesthetic appeal of a gun. The best part of Talon grips is your not stuck using them. if you don’t like them toss them and your gun will still look good. What are other people’s thoughts?


I have talons on all my handguns. Granulated for my duty carry and my OWB tactical training handguns. I run the rubberized for my IWB concealed carry handguns when not on duty to prevent chaffing and tearing up my skin. I am a big fan and like you said if one day I decided I no longer like the grips, they come right off and I can toss them out leaving my stock grip.
Talon grips really give you an unparalleled purchase on your pistol. I only use the granulated ones, but you can make your own by making a template from the one they ship you using skateboard tape. I also cut strips of it and put them at key contact points on my slide. It really makes a big difference and skateboard tape is cheap AF.
Last Edited:
I won't compromise the structure of my guns with stippling, personal choice.
Talon grips, I've never used the rubberized ones, the granulated grips make the psoriosis on my hands flare up.
I have a "houge" on my G22 even though it adds some bulk its a huge improvement.

I like Hogue grips on guns that actually have a grip that's replaceable, unlike a Glock.
The wife has a G43 with Talon grip tape. It's like sandpaper and is very good for keeping a good grip on the gun.
IF (big if for a reason) I were to carry a Glock and wanted more purchase, I'd do the same thing as I find the grip kinda bulky and wouldn't want to add to that.
Stippling, if done nicely works, too, but I think it looks like crap.
Honestly, I think my wife did it because she likes the looks.... :rolleyes:
Linda's glock 43.jpg
If you go with hogue just expect extra bulk. If you stipple I suggest you have it professionally done. You can do it yourself but you will be disappointed and will be stuck with the gun for forever. I run stock grips but the talon grips I think would be your best bet. And they aren’t permanent if you decide to sell later on down the road.


To each his own.

AND, that being said......
I don't like making PERMANENT modifications.


I may just have to sell it one day.

Aloha, Mark


I like the Hogue grips. They add a little bulk which I like because I have big hands and they are much grippier then the molded stipple on my P80 P940CL.
I ran Talons once. They ended up rolling up on the edges after a few months of IWB. Especially where the grip touches clothing. I liked them for what they were but I gave up on anything like that.
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